Kong Toys In Cats

Kong toys in cats the advantages of Kong toys are more than enough known. Mainly this kind of toys are used in extended form in the training of dogs and as a system to direct its attention and anxiety from objects which are capable of being damaged (furniture, clothes etc.) towards an object that stimulates them intellectual and instinctive activity. In fact the Kong Toys allow our dog to complete the circuit of Hunt, catch prey and chewed, respecting their natural instincts and without risking us for this activity with some other object that you don’t want to do. However, the Kong have been associated more with dogs than to toys for cats when its use be extended perfectly to felines. In this text we are going to address the difference and specificity of use between the Kong toys for cat and dog toys Kong. First of all emphasize that the Kong toys are toys that are filled with food. This is so because they are toys made in rubber (non-toxic obviously) and hollow inside.

To be filled with food pets play with them for try to remove the food, treating the object as a dam. The Kong for dog normally is not needed help the animal to understand the mechanism of the toy. As soon as we put food inside the unmistakable smell makes our dogs want to play with the. In cats the system is slightly more complicated and we should show them that inside there is food. Indeed convenient, better than introduce fodder for cats, is fill the Kong with most appetizing awards. Indeed in cats we must always make it easier to get food that cats get tired soon if they see that they cannot meet their instinct. This is a big difference with respect to the dog, and implies a certain insistence by the owner in the first moments of contact of the cat with the toy.

By OS must make it easy to our cat if we want to start to play with his Kong using the most succulent prizes and avoiding I think although it is holistic. (as of Taste of the Wild for example) To finish I wanted to remember that the Kong, also in cats, can be used for Administration of medicines. That Yes we will have to resort to imagination and perseverance to find the exact prize that will allow us to deceive our feline. Source: Press release sent by mimopets.