Laser Medicine & Surgery

Whether the laser is dental treatment or laser therapy – medical technology no longer indispensable. In modern medicine, many medical devices are impossible to imagine. They serve the prevention, diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, compensation or relief from injuries, diseases or disabilities as well, such as the investigation, modification or replacement of a physiological process or the anatomical structure. Vital medical equipment can be, for example, infusion pumps, cardiopulmonary bypass or dialysis machines or pacemaker. But the medical equipment, but playing no role for the survival of a people usually include dental implants, prostheses of any kind, corrective lenses or laser devices.

A form of therapy, which more and more has prevailed in recent years and that would not exist without a medical device is the laser therapy. Laser therapy is the application of low-energetic laser light for therapeutic purposes to understand. To confusion with surgical lasers to avoid the speech is in this form of therapy of low level laser therapy. The low level lasers are used for example in pain therapy, they have an anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect and they improve wound healing. An efficient treatment is necessary for a particularly large fabric area a so-called laser shower is often used.

It has the advantage, that it shall at the same time several laser beams so that the supply of larger areas is possible. Laser treatment can be also an alternative to the traditional needle acupuncture. But of course no laser shower, but a so-called Laserpen is for this therapy method. Especially people with fear of syringes or needles, but also children, are very grateful for this alternative. A treatment with a low-level laser shows no side effects and is painless.