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OM Books Presents

Exclusive interview with the Publisher Ajay MAGO India OM books international AO exclusive: OM books at the Frankfurt book fair Daniela Happel, in an interview with the Publisher Ajay MAGO there is the day before the opening of the Frankfurt book fair. All carpets are covered with plastic, is still working on the exhibition stands. The huge area buzzes with noise, but only a few people can be seen. A strange feeling. Otherwise here is a jumble of visitors and exhibitors, with cell phone to the ear and books in the hands.

The treadmills and escalators are empty. Actually a bit scary. But I have an appointment in Hall 8 at the international publishers, and because I’m not going now. The trail stretches, I need almost 20 minutes from the City entrance to my destination. But at last I’m at booth 915 P. A man sits at a small table and prepared even the decoration for his stand. If you would like to know more about Daryl Katz, New York City, then click here.

I wonder Ajay?\”, Ajay MAGO?\” The man gets up and greets me with a nice hug. Then he immediately points to the books, the are already behind him on the shelf. Exactly. That’s why I came. Ajay MAGO, the head of OM books international, takes the first copy of Mushtaq Shiekhs book Shah Rukh Can\”and it had enough. Very nice, say I excited. And when it finally goes on sale? Shah Rukh Can appears finally in November \”, he says. Why has the matter been delayed? And how do Mushtaq? He laughs. Mushtaq has been very busy. He makes five films at the same time. He hardly sleeps. \”In the last couple of weeks he is totally freaking out.\” Why is he doing for so what, I ask concerned. He got the opportunity, and he uses the! \”So we can look forward to movies with good scripts, I think to myself.

The True Being Of The Soul. Spiritual Guide In Two Volumes

New esoteric books have been published. “Author Beate Holbach content: in part 1, the true being of the soul” spiritual manual elemental energy part 1, describes the spiritual champion Beate Holbach by 31 Amazon image of the love that is inherent in the true being of the soul. She teaches as man in this love be ready is the truth to think, which leads him to accept also his neighbor and love, as he is. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. does not necessarily agree. To be detached from the idea, as he has. This way would be gone from every self.

In part 2 – the true being of the soul”spiritual manual explanation with image maps are part 2, finding the explanations, which open the way to the people for the areas of knowledge that are present in his soul. You give detailed background information on the book 1. The 31 image maps of the Amazons, who are also included in this volume, open your heart for the wealth and the wealth of the beauty of the created, is own of every soul. Bring joy and color to the Hearts of those who are willing to love. Two new books will be presented in March at the Leipzig book fair in 2013, at the booth of Publisher core, Hall 4, booth 301-401 (GAB) Stock Exchange Association of the book trade. “

Hybrida Huntress

A new author to bite heaven is born! Hybrida – Hunter of the soulless, the debut novel from the author can be Steinway P.Jordan no a vampire fans to be desired! Bloodthirsty, mysterious, appealing & mystery – based on the traditional vampire of the night with sharp canines and insatiable bloodlust with a good portion of bite! D he debut novel from the author can be Steinway P.Jordan no a vampire fans to be desired! Bloodthirsty, mysterious, appealing & mystery – based on the traditional vampire of the night with sharp canines and insatiable bloodlust with a good portion of bite! Eclipse twilight saga gets support – hybrida Hunter of soulless new vampire novel! in new, captivating vampire romance novel is getting started. Fascinating & exciting at the same time! The author P.Jordan Steinway, born 1975 in Hannover, lives with her family near the city of Stuttgart. As a teenager, she harbored the desire to become a writer. They taught one of everyday life “, decent” occupation than wholesale clerk. Learn more about this with Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. More professional goals allowed any more time to write. Only by the birth of their son the imagination and enthusiasm of writing revived – the debut novel hybrida was created. An old vampire era was awakened by the vampire Ehmiar to new life. Steinway a Grand start in the captivating world of the undead succeeded in P.Jordan. By the traditional representation of the vampires, embodied in the present time this story will draw immediately everyone captivated. Caution – risk of bite! Hybrida Huntress of the soulless P.Jordan Steinway fantasy novel 380 pages 12,90 EURO (D) 13.30 euros (AT) ISBN 978-3-00-031127-7 Salau publishing more information

Do You Have Your Life? Or Will Life Take You?

Until a few years ago, author Wolfgang Rademacher behind each of the above mentioned emotional total damage reports would have made a hook. Yes, so really dirty it was him: companion away child away, own company away, friends away, money away, prospects away. The whole life of the 40 year old was corralled by threatening towering massifs of million debt, personal and professional crises, depression and health problems. Does that sound familiar? Could Hollywood filmed this life as melodrama, the unexpected benefactor would emerge at this point, which extends a helping hand to the resplendent. Now, Hollywood is not like life, but sometimes life is like Hollywood’s. Because Wolfgang Rademacher took this helping hand actually: fate played him the course how to reach the total self-control “, Professor Springer submitted by Paris. At first incredulous, then with interest flaming up and finally very enthusiastically Wolfgang Rademacher, realized that he had to be first to the ruler of himself and his life are no longer dominated by external circumstances to be able to.

Resolutely, he applied this new and exciting knowledge and within a few days the happiness returned to him. Today Wolfgang Rademacher sees itself as a successful author, who has every reason to enjoy his life in every respect. How he did this 180 bend in its existence? You will learn it on your own body. Because he has processed just these valuable experiences and tips to a book”the power of self-control. On this well 221 DIN-A4 pages, it shows you step by step, as you come the real purpose of your life on the ground where the real reasons for the negative history of your previous life really are as with contemporaries coping every day spoil you how to make a fortune and final at the same time and no time to get rid of your debt as you can distribute any fear as you forever happiness and affection can permanently secure & v. m. read the the power of self-control and say adieu allegations of self, lack of time, stress, loneliness and anxiety forever! Forget the agonizing, sleepless nights full of uncertainty and worry! Learn to control themselves and actively to determine your fate! Because life happiness is finding no luck it’s all just a matter of will. “To do this free of charge: 80 pages colored basics techniques of life” on CD-ROM (provided expression). These 12 success steps show you to be active and to bring about your success even. Wolfgang Rademacher: the power of self-control 221 DIN-A4 pages, large-format, send an email to obtain hardcover at: more info on Wolfgang Rademacher lives in Selm (Westphalia) and as the author of numerous self-help books highly regarded gained the intellectual techniques, in the the power of self-control are described, have helped him even, his life from a deep, dark Valley to lead, and a shining success. Wolfgang Rademacher Eichendorffstrasse 27 59379 Selm phone 02592-981887 fax 02592-981889 E-Mail: