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Rehabilitation Nurse

A short dream, between 15 and 20 minutes, helps improve the alert, explains. Caffeine is another appropriate method to prevent the onset of sleep and Rehabilitation Nurse estimated that the equivalent of two cups of coffee can increase the alert for a few hours. But it also warns that the massive and daily use of caffeine can have a counterproductive affection, significantly reducing its effectiveness. This publication recommends the combination of NAP and caffeine as an excellent measure to maintain the alert condition. In addition, Rehabilitation Nurse insists in generating a suitable workspace, using massive doses of light in evening hours and ensuring that the activity is developed at a temperature that is not warm. The dehydration, enemy of the body and brain dehydration is one of the most important causes of muscle fatigue, which leads to both physical and mental performance.

The reason for dehydration is that the body loses daily plenty of fluids, and more still depending on physical exercise. The result of this loss is the appearance of fatigue and, many times, headache. Filed under: Univ. of Iowa . The same thing happens with the bodily organs happens to the brain. When neurons are dehydrated, have many problems to work properly, explains Dr. Tomas Ortiz,…

Different studies carried out in this field show important alterations in individuals with dehydration above 2%, such as increased fatigue, reduction in the speed and precision in answers to tests of complex functions, alterations in the processes of discrimination, impaired memory for short term, etc. When dehydration level reaches 7%, the decrease physical and intellectual capabilities lies around 40%. Just like our body, the brain needs hydration to function properly. To be able to carry out our functions, the neurons need both nutrition and hydration. About 80% of our brain is composed of water and this is the most important element of the chemical reactions that occur within him, adds this specialist. Dr. Tomas Ortiz recommends drinking daily and so regulate between eight and ten glasses of liquid, increasing this amount in situations of greater effort or sports practices. For this expert, yes it is very useful to have an arsenal changed fluids at our disposal. It helps because one of tires always drink water. For example, soft drinks help, although the ideal is to drink water rather than another type of beverage, explains.