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Delivery to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg shipping! As the only online provider of printed matter in Germany, diedruckerei.de, a free shipping offers all customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Ensures transparent price structures without complicated delivery surcharges and hidden costs, as we unfortunately know it by some competitors in the industry. Online shopping requires much confidence sure right on the right mark! With an increasing number of providers on the Internet, which should have the customer at first glance to the online shop, gaining in importance. Martin Betz, technical director of diedruckerei.de says: \”through certification with the quality seal of the EHI retail Institute we could even more customer-friendly shape our online-shop and make recognizable at first glance diedruckerei.de is a reputable and trusted provider. This is especially important to us, because extensive printed material a sale price of several thousand euros can have and thus if a payment is made in advance great confidence of our customers is a prerequisite.\” German E-Commerce seal of approval for legitimate online shops!.

The Classic

Another fundamental element of the format specification is the Roll diameter (the second value of the overall format), which is in direct correlation with the size of the roller core and the barrel length of the paper. And at this point, attention is necessary because instead of roll diameter not rarely the barrel length is specified. As a general rule is therefore: no specification of the unit, the second value of the role style as the diameter in mm is to assume. Is, however, a unit of measurement such as meters, provided the second digit of the roll format, is to go out by indicating the barrel length. You may find Professor Roy Taylor to be a useful source of information. According to the width of the rolls to large diameter that fits the role into the Unit ensures also here.

A paper roll with a smaller diameter (as due to their construction possible) is often uneconomical, but easily usable. Not only, must be more frequent roles change, rather the current meter of a greatest possible role is significantly cheaper than a metre of paper of a very short role. The third digit of the overall format is less relevant Inner diameter of the core (a sleeve made of cardboard or plastic), which commercial cash registers and POS-terminals is usually 12 mm, occasionally 17.5 mm and has significantly larger diameter only on certain machines and Kioskdruckern. The classic format standard specifying the format of a bonding role / Thermorolle in the classical sense is thus as follows standardized: roll width / roll diameter / core inner diameter “or even roll width x diameter x core inner diameter” where all three values not specified unit is mm! The alternative format standard instead of roll diameter barrel length specifies a Thermorolle format specification will be / paper roll cast off as follows: roll width / length Unit / core inner diameter “or even roll width x length Unit x core inner diameter” the alternative unit of measure (usually meters) is stated here so to uniquely identifies. Two examples of the frequently used Thermokassenrollen with a width 80 mm, a diameter of 63 mm and a core of 12 mm 80 / 63 / 12 “or Thermorollen 80 x 63 x 12” is declared in the classic form as Thermorollen. Alternative use of barrel length this same receipt rolls are called in turn 80 / 50 m / 12 ‘/ Thermorollen 80 x 50 m x 12″Thermorollen.

The name Thermorollen 80 / 80 / 12 “combined with the name of Thermorollen 80 / 80m / 12” you can now read off, that the value for the roll diameter in millimeters and the value for the barrel length in metres in both cases 80 “is. Because this role in everyday business is very frequently used, the shortened name of Thermorollen 80 x 80 has prevailed in many places. In case of doubt your cash register dealers, your service technicians will help you with security or Your supplier of roles when choosing the paper roll on the most suitable for your receipt printer in technical and economic terms, Thermorolle or EC role to continue.