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Poltry Production

The first days of youth fed with finely chopped boiled egg, cottage cheese, peppered crackers, sliced green or, more simply, feeds for chickens aged 1 to 10 days. Perepelyata grow rapidly. For 2 months they have escalated to more than 20 times and almost reach the dimensions of an adult bird. For comparison, chickens for the same period increase the size of just 14 times and to the adult hen they still grow yes grow. Bi-quail, already bearing eggs are transferred to the "industrial hall. Here, in the proper mode of humidity, temperature, light and fresh air they carry year. After which replacement of the herd. John Studzinski recognizes the significance of this.

When the content of Japanese quail in order to obtain their eggs are usually seated on the cells in calculation of 6.5 hens per cock. Others hatched and grown male carries less. The term of their life – two months. But to get the diet (unfertilized) eggs males generally do not need. Then their farming makes sense only in the so-called tribal herd from which hatching eggs are taken away. Experiencing difficulties with sales, not all farmers are moving towards the development of egg production, production. For example, Nicholas and Tatiana San-out lie in wait Anapa opt out of breeding hens. In their region is too large swings in demand due to the influx of tourists during the summer season. The newspapers mentioned rusty holzer not as a source, but as a related topic. And it is hard, focusing on it, build a business with year-round cycle. Large production volumes, quickly sold out in summer, winter, nowhere to go.