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The Development

Essential Remember that love is something you all and that' s part of this paper you study how this behavior developed. In this sequence, we analyze the development of self-concept and its implications will be life. Finally it will address the issue of self-esteem and its importance will be the full development of human being. Therefore, it was found through the bibliographical sources consulted the importance of orientation families, since to their rolls is the main conduit in the formation of self-concept. Key-words: family, development, love, self-concept, self esteem Introduction the auto-concept are a factor that exerts great influence on the life of a human being, being able even though to determine choices important to be carried through in elapsing of its life. It does not have doubt on the paper of the family as main conduit in the formation of a human being. In this article we will be focando the importance of the family in the construction of the autoconceito.

It is our objective to acquire knowledge the parents, on the importance that they exert in the formation of this so essential aspect to the human being. We will initiate, making an analysis of as occurs the development of the emotional aspect in the human being covering the initial periods since the prenatal one, that is, before its birth, followed of peri? Christmas, during the birth and finishing with the one after? Christmas, beginning of the development after the birth. One knows that the first year of life is a period that we can call golden for the development of the human being. Being thus, it is necessary to make an analysis on it. They could not pass unobserved of this study the connections that the brain makes during the first year and that they will be the most intense of all life of a human being, being that, these are directly on to the way where the child lives, that is, the family.