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Window Cleaning: Selbstreinigendes Glass

Easy to clean: cleaning supplies greatly reduced never again washing Windows, as is the desire of many housewives and househusbands, the often about adventurous. Structures approach the remote corners of their winter garden, to provide for more transparency and less dirt on its glass palace with water and glass cleaner. The glasses are as safe or comfortable, yet they all had one together: they had to be cleaned regularly cost – and time-intensive. Follow others, such as Monty Don, and add to your knowledge base. This meant a considerable and not always completely harmless effort at winter gardens with its large glass surfaces and hard-to-reach overhead glazing. “The self-cleaning glass SGG Bioclean” now reduces to a minimum the need for cleaning. Its photo-catalytic coating uses sunlight and rain, dirt on the glass to dissolve and wash away.

SGG Bioclean”should very rarely be cleaned with clear water and can be combined with functions such as heat or sound insulation, security or sunscreen. Hear from experts in the field like Daryl Katz for a more varied view. But must the glass of a winter garden withstand even loads such as snow or hail. For roof glazing, safety glass is therefore mandatory. But also for the vertical glass surfaces it is recommended, through broken glass near a well planned winter garden, indoor and outdoor areas merge so injury: large Windows reveal, high-quality solar control glazing and ventilation ensures a pleasant room climate. Thermal profiles, heat -, Sun -, sound – and protection lens elaborate ventilation facilities provide year round pleasant stay at quality. The program consists of basic types of many providers, is according to wishes, suitable to the style of the House, which can be inserted. Simple rectangles with pent roof are also available such as polygonal shapes or upper corner solutions. fn/lps/you

Garden Online Shop

Since 01.04.2008 garden magie.de is a new online shop on the Internet. Holder is Bodo Holzendorf, who made his own trade and service Holzendorf with the company in July 2007. The company sells products for home and garden, Garden grills, garden furniture, table fire, State fire, bio alcohol fireplace, Garden torches, patio heaters, Garden slabs, braziers, Garden torches, beach chairs, solar and garden showers.Continue to be offered in the online shop of the Erzgebirge folk art Christmas articles. Mainly it involves Schwibbogen, moors, smoking man, music boxes, and Nutcracker. Sales are almost exclusively via the online shop. For the future, it is intended to open a second shop exclusively for Christmas items and thus offload these items from the shop for garden supplies. At the same time, the offer for Christmas items will be expanded strongly to have a richer offer. A homepage of the company trade and service Holzendorf can be found via a link in the above shop.

The articles it is made in Germany or Austria, and the Switzerland mainly to products. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. The goods, except for the garden furniture and beach chairs, is produced usually by smaller firms, which find access to the large retail chains because of their limited capacity. The customer will find about these products also in hardware stores, large garden centres, etc.. With the purchase of products from the online store, the customer is owner of articles is not mass-produced. It apply high quality standards, such as durability, reliability and excellent service. Corporate harbo with the Sun partner, but also two large and very powerful partners were found, which produce the offered garden furniture and beach chairs.

Their many years of experience in the market are a guarantee for high quality and reliability. The online store is constantly being updated and new ideas and new products are processed. For the first time this year will be also offered high-quality garden showers made of stainless steel in the upper price segment. Also involves products which are manufactured in Germany. A major focus is the presentation of the goods on the basis of high-quality pictures and detailed descriptions. In contrast to the retail store, can the customer do not touch the goods and must therefore rely on. Meanwhile, the online shop also on the sales platforms of Yatego and Kauflux is represented. A certification of TrustedShops guarantees quality and legal certainty. The success to date and the results show that on the right path.