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One Accommodation

SchlafenCity the new accommodation search engine of the Hamburg-based Web designer Mark Max Henckel made a new Web portal to overnight search in the net. With the look-and-feel”of the well-known Google search lists the results of the search of nights in Germany’s city clearly the new portal. One click is enough and you have everything in sight. The guest will directly and immediately contact form with your room, apartment or provider the hotel of his choice. This saves time and costs.

The search results are displayed by a Google service to a click in many different languages. Eliminates the usual lengthy filling out the search forms in the famous Hotel search engines. It was previously always annoying, if you do not arrive at a certain date, but maybe catch an offer or looking for wanted ever flexible after an overnight stay, so the accommodation search engine is SchlafenCity in this respect once. The guest just write an E-Mail and a concrete offer will be promptly sent to him. Easier and more effectively it not goes online to find a nice accommodation in Germany’s major cities. And that guarantees no ongoing or hidden cost for guests or hosts. SchlafenCity is still under construction and some crossover is provided by the users themselves and the wishes of the accommodation provider. In the future you will find videos, reviews and experience reports, as well as all innovations in the SchlafenCity blog.

Life Navigation Goes Web

The Internet portal launches with new features, there are a lot of new interactive features and typical Web 2.0 features. Lifenav sees itself as a provider of comprehensive counseling and guidance, say life navigation. The portal has been optimized in a new functional design and integrates a wealth of effective Web2 functions. It is possible to communicate personal life experiences and problems and to help so other users or to get even advice any Lifenav member. The user can interact actively with others, invite friends, send greetings, write your own blogs and comment on posts and blogs. Hear from experts in the field like CEO Mark Thompson for a more varied view. The evaluation of contributions according to a point system and is visible directly on the post or on the blog for all users.

There is also the possibility to create your own personal profile page and to share personal data. The Lifenav member can determine themselves the design, arrangement and the contents and use for a wide variety of modules and tools. It is the user exempted the Lifenav presence as personal representation or any promotional presentation for services and products to use, thematically life navigation related. The special features include: the friends box, the text box, the HTML box, the MyBlogs box, the signature box and the guestbook on each profile. The content of each profile is monitored daily by administrators, so that illegal and unauthorized content immediately you can respond. Lifenav is already planning the next steps”, so spokeswoman Susanne Hasenbeck by power cookie Kross communication: in the next stages, the Web2 system receives a number of new and innovative ways: in addition to the optimization of the design modules for the user including an own Lifenav video player, a music player, and a picture gallery are planned.

A special highlight should be the Lifenav radio program and its own online TV broadcasting system. For users by users”all will be with innovative engagement here. Lifenav.de is the first virtual Web2 model for life orientation, objectives and concrete life help. The portal sets new accents in the general trend of value change.