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The Presence

Dried wood will always be warm to the touch (even in winter). Conversely, the 'wet' wood will be cold, even in the hottest days. Note the color of the wooden parts. Dark spots indicate decay process (perhaps tree has rot before drying). Click Barbara Martin Coppola to learn more. If the manufacturer is fully covered parts of the frame (eg, the abundance of tissue) where it is not required to process (for example, in the other stores in similar models of the elements framework is not closed), perhaps the manufacturer just tried to hide from you what wood he used for the frame. Sometimes more profitable and cheaper raw upholster not planed boards with a cloth, or simply not buy it.

Most foreign producers entirely close the visible part of the frame. For them it is – the rule of good taste. Speaking candidly Dean Ornish M.D told us the story. But when our producer, saving on fabric for the back of the couch (still would stand by the wall), the mechanism (the cheap), the quality of the fabric (cheap Turkey or China) and even on the brackets, suddenly stud frame with a cloth Perhaps the rules of etiquette here at anything. Pay attention to the material of the bearing parts are made of soft furniture. In furniture showroom you must tell us about the material from which made upholstered furniture. If you use softwood timber – pay attention to the thickness of the timber. It must inspire your confidence (not less than 40mm. For load side).

Pay attention to the presence of knots. They must be no more than 2 cm in diameter and should not be much (knots weakens the rigidity of the beam). Number of knots and their size determine the grade of wood. To determine the frame material – lift chair (sofa can be a mechanism of transformation which it substantially heavier). If you did it, hence the frame is made of plywood or wood. Furniture with frame of the cpd, you will immediately feel the weight. And if the couch is also a box for clothes You move this furniture is hard enough, but to raise it (without the help of friends and relatives) You just can not.

Art Nouveau

Hence, they rated these doors only technically. They buy only reliable protection. Maybe they did not ask the question: Can this door look different? Certain advantages of standard panels is. For example, with a mean door is very homely. Just tidy veneer, nice inconspicuous color.

To put it simply, "no Pozar. The door does not impress expensive or "heaped". Perhaps it is valuable for those who have high-rise apartment house. For a large cross is a large possibility that the door is under attack by vandals. Is it possible to attract attention residential thieves. I know that some people think so. But if you put a door in your own home (country house or cottage), the appearance of the house will speak for itself No matter how modest the door, the availability of funds for build a house suggests that in the same house there than "profit" to substantiate these fears or not, I do not know. Our clients are not informed us of cases of hacking their apartment or home and the antics of vandals.

Perhaps because such cases and was not. In addition, it is unlikely to look the door encounter someone to mind the robbery. Rather, so someone will envy your car So I think that the lack of demand for panels is just out of ignorance client about the possibility of their acquisition. Also, do not necessarily custom toolbar will be a really flashy. The panel can be made and the color of the wood. These panels remind me of the dice parquet, laid out as a classical diagonal, and whimsical designs. Is there a more noble form – imitation of a massive filenchatoy interior door. And the panels can be placed on the panel not only in the strict geometry, but also spread across the canvas. In addition, can be combined rectangular and circular panels! I think that this panel is to add input as representativeness, and comfort. Best of all, in my opinion, look panels made "under aging. They simply unusual I think each encounter different emotions when looking at them, so more comments on them will not. And what beautiful arched panel doors! And if we add a knocker? Well, just a castle door! Visitor knocks on the door ring and he opens the door to major-domo Chic! But this does not mean that the selection panel is provided only to those with massive doors. Lovers of the Art Nouveau style, too, have plenty to choose from. Green, white, blue, turquoise or red cover. Possible and the combination of colors. As such, the panel ticino. Very interesting solution! The combination of red and gray stripes looks very impressive! Or white-red panel reno! Your metal door can be simply unique! Allow consultants to conduct a lively dialogue with you and not only give you valuable, but a dry technical information. Add in the creativity of our work. In addition, if you are chosen elite class doors, bring case to the end! Let all the details of your home will be harmonious. The panel will make the design complete. The metal door will not look "by itself" if you will pick up right pane. Do not deny yourself anything, do not go on assignment!

HWS -Schichtlack

In this paper we do not give technical descriptions of products due to their large size. We ask that you look at the technical descriptions of products on the website under the protection of wood. Section – blue, paint and other coatings for Wood New product: Renovier-Lasur was produced instead of the previously removed from the production of Harmonielasuren. Scope: * Restoration grayed and dark wood surfaces * for outdoor use. Features: * System-based product solvent; * completely decentralized Kohler, used as a primer (lighting) and the topcoat, the different types of product can be obtained by adding pigment * includes impregnation against microbial destruction (eg, fungi and algae) * thixotropic setting for bezkapelnoy work and create a beautiful patterned effect.

For the product brochure in volume in 6 pages as an auxiliary benefit point of sale. Renovier-Lasur has the following types fasovok: 6 0,75 2,5 l 2 l of 2 5 l 10 l Section – Paints and stains for wood new product: pur SL-214-Schichtlack This product differs from the previous version pur SL-210-Schichtlack as follows: * the processing time of product about 24 hours and the viability of a mixture of about 48 hours. Thus, a mixture of lacquer and hardener can be left overnight in the spray gun * product pur SL-214-Schichtlack, as a rule, can be sanded after 90 minutes. Products pur SL-214-Schichtlack ready for delivery and you can order it, it has the following fasovok: 10 and 20 liters. New Product: HWS-112-Hartwachs-Siegel was presented at the fair "Woodworking" in Nuremberg.

Myth Four

When using floor heating, the picture is quite different, the warm air coming from the floor, gradually rising up, and the head will be in fresh oxygenated space. In this case, the floor is warmer by 2-3 C air. Space heating may be different as an additional and substantive. The main heating system, as the rules are set in private homes, cottages, manors. Where there is no way to central heating, but also in apartments, not seldom people choose to warm the floor as the main heating system, relying on the opportunity to heat the room regardless of the season and the regular circulation of heat exchange. Myth Four: The bill for electricity. This myth, I do not get dispel, but I'm not going to do that. Here's why: In our life, so many things that bring us pleasure, as is well known for the pleasure you have to pay.

But not all of these things have concrete benefits for us, because Plasma tv 42-inch with a home theater system, can not add your health, but buying it, you first of all, think about how it will look a picture, what is the frequency of sound and of course the pleasure of watching your favorite series or a decisive football match. Likewise, a warm floor is a lot of advantages, not only in the section of pleasure, but also against your health. Firstly, the room where you installed underfloor is no draft, and secondly, the dust barely rises to – Thirdly, there is a uniform heating of the floor over the entire area in – Fourth, the hidden system heating without cumbersome structures, – Fifth, the ease in handling, and the most comfort. And this is not all advantages. So I think our only negative, is transformed into a significant plus, though the operation heating cables in an average of 25 to 50 years, and during that time the cable just pay off in full. Myth Five: Carpet This issue is very relevant and do not always understand the answer, let's try to understand. Let's start with physics, namely, stop the lesson "heat." "Thermal conductivity" refers to a quantitative assessment of the ability of a given substance to conduct heat. Each material has its own coefficient thermal conductivity, and lower it, the better thermal conductivity.

Most optimal materials that give heat, are ceramic tile, linoleum, good quality does not release harmful substances when heated. But no one forbids you to put a warm floor under carpet, hardwood floors, cork or laminitis, but here are some points to consider, namely, all these materials have low thermal conductivity and the heat, which must heat the room they have been delayed. This requires raising the temperature of heating, which reduces not only the life of the cable, but can lead to overheating or even damage the system. And as far observed increase in energy costs. Having considered the most important issues that arise when choosing a warm floor, you can now specify in more detail with the purchase, spreading all the priorities, the pros and cons of this product. Company Wirt will always help you to answer any remaining questions will help you in finding the product you need into the size, characteristics and purpose. Take care of your health.

Mineral Ceilings

Types of mineralovoloknPotolochnye ceiling tiles from Mineral Ceilings are divided into six basic types: universal, water-resistant, acoustic, hygiene, design, ekonomichnye.I choose, they should be depending on what features are important to you for use in a particular area. Universal ceilings have a whole set of characteristics, including acoustic and hygienic properties, water resistance and shock resistance, and high durability. For rooms with high humidity recommended to choose a special water-resistant plates of Mineral Ceilings. Particularly dense structure allows their use even in swimming pools, saunas, where the moisture content reaches 95%. Acoustic Ceilings used in the lecture halls, conference rooms, cinemas, children's playroom – wherever undesirable excess noise.

And in large rooms acoustical panels help to avoid the echo effect. Increased demands on health require special equipment of medical institutions, kindergartens, canteens. Hygienic ceilings of Mineral Ceilings effectively withstand the moisture and fumes of chlorine, allow wet cleaning with detergent means and have a special coating that prevents bacterial growth. Designer ceilings allow to create an exclusive interior space of offices, restaurants, hotels and shops. For plates of this type characterized by rich colors and a wide range of textures.

Of course, this choice means higher prices. But there are cost ceilings Mineral Ceilings, giving an opportunity to draw the room in a modern style, without unnecessary expenses. Dignity ceilings Ceiling type Armstrong proved a number of advantages. Firstly, it is excellent light reflectance, contributing better lighting facilities, and the system is specially designed scanning lamps, installed in the cell skeleton.