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Mineral Ceilings

Types of mineralovoloknPotolochnye ceiling tiles from Mineral Ceilings are divided into six basic types: universal, water-resistant, acoustic, hygiene, design, ekonomichnye.I choose, they should be depending on what features are important to you for use in a particular area. Universal ceilings have a whole set of characteristics, including acoustic and hygienic properties, water resistance and shock resistance, and high durability. For rooms with high humidity recommended to choose a special water-resistant plates of Mineral Ceilings. Particularly dense structure allows their use even in swimming pools, saunas, where the moisture content reaches 95%. Acoustic Ceilings used in the lecture halls, conference rooms, cinemas, children's playroom – wherever undesirable excess noise.

And in large rooms acoustical panels help to avoid the echo effect. Increased demands on health require special equipment of medical institutions, kindergartens, canteens. Hygienic ceilings of Mineral Ceilings effectively withstand the moisture and fumes of chlorine, allow wet cleaning with detergent means and have a special coating that prevents bacterial growth. Designer ceilings allow to create an exclusive interior space of offices, restaurants, hotels and shops. For plates of this type characterized by rich colors and a wide range of textures.

Of course, this choice means higher prices. But there are cost ceilings Mineral Ceilings, giving an opportunity to draw the room in a modern style, without unnecessary expenses. Dignity ceilings Ceiling type Armstrong proved a number of advantages. Firstly, it is excellent light reflectance, contributing better lighting facilities, and the system is specially designed scanning lamps, installed in the cell skeleton.