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Weather And Health

So weather you can understand how a certain state of some parameters such as pressure, temperature, humidity and weather drugih.Vsegda (see forecast on the site) has a significant role for probably everyone on the planet. Not casual every one of us, not having yet to wake up and get out of bed, looked out the window, curious, and will not go today to the rain? Weather, in a sense, creates fashion trends, because only the weather can vary your style today. In case of rain did not happen, maybe it was not necessary to invent a variety of gowns, stylish umbrellas and raincoat if you had happened to sunny warm weather, maybe we would not have needed a swimsuit. Weather affects many things, including on the human condition, mood, and sometimes on the possible trip or vacation. Often, when frequently changing weather, especially at low or high pressure, many may ache a little head, magnetic swings are terrible way for people with weak heart, certain people sometimes pulls his legs and arms. People say that it is to changes in the weather or just for rain. Professionals in the field of medical Meteorology, who study the relationship between the properties of the human condition and the weather believe that these people have formed "pogodochuvstvitelnost." Doctors believe that this sensitivity, as well as fatigue, thirst, 'Sea' disease, hunger, complaints during pregnancy, can hardly be counted among the true disease – it is based is not revealed violations identified.

Yet according to statistics in such periods the number of accidents increases two-fold. more information. After such a storm hit on our vulnerable places. If you want to go to the mountains or the sea, you is important to remember that the weather you expect there will be enough snow for skiing or snowboarding, or will the weather clear and warm that you were able to completely relax on the sand. For these purposes, and make different predictions, that would be the right time to receive information about upcoming changes. Such predictions made based on physical models of weather changes and the actual data on weather conditions obtained from weather stations. There is a plus to everything, all sorts of advice to the rest of sick people.

For example, with an increase in thyroid function do not recommend being in the sun, and a trip to the sea should identify not very hot at the time of the year. People with asthma benefit frequent holidays in the mountains. Special mountain air just protect against asthma. Very curious fact that the accident on the road again affects the weather. American scientists have 6 years to collect statistics about accidents on the roads. The results were quite opposite to the facts that are known to many. The volume of accidents jumps are not in the fog or ice, as many believe, and when too hot. With thermal overload capacity of accidents increased by 15%. Mortality in accidents on the roads increases during bad weather and weather conditions, almost 16%. Vadim Belyaev spoke with conviction. In this regard need to be collected on time travel in any weather.