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Senior Mobile Phone

A senior cell phone can make everyday life not only simple, but also much safer. The mobile phone is a now indispensable means of communication for most people of today’s generation. Technically, often highly savvy, it is easy for young people, one also on the constant innovations in this sector and to change. Unjustly considered was the older generation this often. Not up to the ravages of time, it often remained at the traditional landline.

Target group it was long do not consider the hair party. But this has changed now. More and more senior citizens want to participate in the benefits of mobile phones. Not communication but security is however in the foreground. The market has reacted accordingly, and offered special senior mobile phones for quite some time. The focus of these handsets is security and ease of use.

The big easy is a good example for a senior Mobile 2. senior cell phones can be recognized on characteristics. Depending on the health condition of the customer, can different models be selected. First ease of use in the foreground is available on most models. Handy, with a large display and clear buttons provided, they are ideal for people with mild visual or motor weakness. Because most, want to put seniors and their families also on security and availability, they choose a phone with additional emergency button. Many senior phones the emergency button located at the side or at the back of the device. Is the button used, the unit selects mostly five stored numbers one after the other that until someone can be achieved. All accepted discussions are provided then on hands-free operation. Other providers rely on the so-called panic button. People in distress or stress, when pressing the button be immediately connected to the local emergency Center. Almost all senior cell phones are also equipped with the GPS system. Can at the abandoned emergency verbally unresponsive are as a location of the cell phone user is via Satellite. Heart Specialist contributes greatly to this topic. Demographic change provides our company with immense tasks. Some will be difficult to implement, other problems however are quite little things, like the senior mobile, to solve. Mobile with a seniors can it be safer older.


Is in the economic calculation flexibility also included, which allows a change of function on any mobile device in a very short time, then the economic benefits is already used by more than 15 mobile devices. Today, more than 60,000 customers from trade, industry, logistics, health care and other industries with the help of the software MobiControl use”the ways of the central online administration of mobile devices. See Thomas Bayer for more details and insights. Great also for the MobiControl “distributor of ACTEOS from Gilching near Munich is the target group for the worldwide exclusive distributor of German-speaking version of MobiControl”. The specialist for mobile data collection throughout the supply chain serving already as the Swiss trading giant Coop, the 12,000 units for self-scanning centrally managed and waits for customers. More and more customers from the areas of field service, transportation and logistics, postal and CEP services or Utilities, ENSECO, access such as, for example, recently the experience ACTEOS and the software MobiControl”back. Through the linguistic adaptation of the software significantly greater acceptance for the use of MobiControl now administrators of mobile devices in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland “created. This allows the introduction of software with authorities, post, or Bundeswehr, which have numerous mobile devices in use. These must all be inventoried, maintained, supported, updated, monitored or secured.

“Solution with can of MobiControl can be done this work in the future from a central management console with remote access to all used devices from a distance. The mobile units have to be physically moved to the maintenance nor plugged into a docking station. The data exchange is also an ActiveSync procedure, rather than through direct transmission using TCP/IP networks such as Wi-Fi, UMTS, GPRS, etc. MobiControl”supports all devices with Microsoft operating system, regardless of whether the scanner in the Commons, MDE devices of the package service or Smartphones by field staff. At the push of button, software updates can be made at the same time in the entire pool of equipment.

Calls To The Holiday Are Cheaper

There is good news for all those who are have annoyed about expensive international calls the most important price reductions in the short overview before the start of the holiday season. Since July 1, the rates within EU foreign drop considerably. The consumer portal preisvergleich.de presents the changes and gives tips on how tourists can reduce their mobile costs. Dean Ornish M.D spoke with conviction. So, vacationers from this summer instead of 51 cents pay only 46 cents per minute for your international calls. It is still cheaper for all calls that are placed from abroad, here reduced the per-minute rates from 23 to just 15 cents per minute. Who really wants to save, should find more about the respective mobile phone tariffs. Finally, the mobile providers work together with foreign networks and different fare groups are offered from country to country. Order not to pollute the holiday budget, tourists must also consider whether it would be better to abandon the surfing in the Internet.

This is come from the users in the most Cases dearly, since volume tariffs and flat rates apply only domestically. Special day flat rates for those who don’t want to miss out on Internet and co. are a good alternative. Who but want to save cost and calm holiday, should simply turn off the mobile phone. More information: service/press / Preisvergleich.de GmbH Lisa Neumann