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El Mundo

EFE must cope with a demand raised by his former partner, owner of the House where he also lives his daughter, 22 years. Click Preventive Medicine Research Institute to learn more. Women had denounced the man by ill-treatment and says suffer serious sequelae. A 44-year-old woman has been released on all non-vital organs of your body by means of a notice on the internet to deal with an eviction demand raised by his former partner, owner of the House that the woman lives with her daughter, 22-year. For women, it is a revenge for having denounced his expareja by ill-treatment and claims to have a 66% disability for injuries sustained. Digital page of the newspaper El Mundo recounts the situation of women, which do not reveal the identity, and which qualifies your personal situation of coexistence with his former partner of terror. Ill-treatment this problem of cohabitation took her to bring a complaint for ill-treatment and the judge, according to the newspaper, acquitted his former partner.

After separation the woman points out that the almost three years have yet been worst. The information adds that the woman lives with a pension of 426 euros per month of a social assistance program and it counts with the collaboration of a doctor in Melilla to manage possible demands that may arise and the extraction of organs that go to sell. The town hall where the woman lives has offered to seek a solution and facilitate social rental housing by a small rent that vested but since the consistory respects their freedom to get to where you want to reach with your life. See more: A woman is selling its “non-vital” organs to prevent his former partner desahucie it

Permanent Pump

Pedro Antonio Perez Garcia, 67, would cost a world climbing the stairs of the House. I had to do up to three stops to the 17 steps. Only raise me or me car left me exhausted, counts. A heart attack left him battered heart in 1996 and disdained his kidney transplant. In the absence of an artificial heart that does not yet exist, doctors at the hospital October 12, Madrid gave another solution, previously unreleased in Spain: fill the role of one of four cavities of the body with the implantation of a mechanical device connected to an exterior battery to body with cables. Yesterday, four months after the intervention, Pedro left the hospital with your new appliance and a mochilita to carry batteries. Surgeons believe that, if all goes well, the device may operate without need to intervene in it for about 10 years, at least. The patient will have to make revisions, but by his State, not by the device, says Enrique cardiologist Perez de la Sota..