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Paschal Existence

The chaos mentioned here is of the supreme limits of the imagination. These contemplations help them to understand it still unknown truths regarding the creation of all the things, to dive in this world of discoveries, awake the imagination for the creative sense, to explore and to decipher the enigmas that they involve our existence, philosophical questions still persist: ' ' of where we came and to where we go? ' ' The physicists try to explain the substance and its forms, the scientists of as the brain functions. He is not of if finding odd that the majority of the men dies without doubting these largenesses, without the same dreaming the magnificent reality that involves the knowledge of the Cosmos. But if question what he is the man ahead of the nature? One nothing in relation to the infinite, one everything in relation to the nothing, a way between nothing and everything. The mystery concerning the life human being is still unexplored, the man is an abyss of mysteries, only with the vision of some thinkers, obtains to enjoy of a minimum of these questions that involve our existence and our being.

As well as it writes Paschal: ' ' The thought makes the largeness of the man. The man is the only one canio, most fragile of the nature; but pensante&#039 is a canio; '. I cogitate, I raise sum. I think, then I exist? Ren would say Discardings. The thought exactly discloses to the existence of the man itself.

We can doubt existence of the exterior world, as well as warns Discardings that the external world is only one dream, an hallucination. But, if we doubt, we think, therefore to doubt and necessary to think; e, if we think, we exist as to be pensante. The following one has divergent ideas with the Danish thinker Soren Kierkegaard considering: ' ' I think, then not sou' ' , therefore the human thought if basically characterizes for the capacity to place problems.