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Federal Association

Simply put: who pays more, you will get ranked in a better shelf. The consumer does not notice the difference. Russian distributors are well aware that they can sit on the longer lever and exert a large force compared to the manufacturers. It is clear that the construction of a distribution system is a time-consuming and expensive undertaking. Ruling over this resource distributors at the manufacturers request all ermoglichen preferential terms and advertising budgets. The most distributors will not invest their own money in the advertising for foreign brands, because the number of companies for their products listing want, is big and the sales margins are sufficient for an adequate existence. Also, if the goods without advertising demonstrated their popularity, the Distributor is probably even to the contracting authority for copies of fire.

On the other hand shows the experience that the Western companies underestimate that for the Russian market of necessary advertising and marketing budgets, or prefer them to work without. In the last year, instruments of Internet marketing showed a significant effectiveness. Recently the Auditorium by Yandex (Russian search engine) exceeded the largest national TV channel numbers. In the Internet, the communication costs are lower, while the possibilities for information campaigns are larger. In addition, Internet users trust each other more than the direct mail or even magazine articles. This instrument is so far not sufficiently used by foreign companies probably due to the difficult measurement of effectiveness.

On the development of the marketing instruments in the global network is also the Federal Association of german Russian entrepreneur of who combines the direct targeting in Russia his project GerProm with media relations. This extensive synergies. Because in addition to the better product visibility in the Russian search engine (thanks to the continuous implementation of GerProm SEO-measures) the Association of specialists in their talks with potential Russian buyers can indicate the publications. It is advantageous especially for novel product concepts, because the media work reinforces the already existing product awareness in the (local) market. Maxim Gozman