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Professional Dreamer

Are You A Dreamer? Well-meaning friends and family can call you "dreamer" and may even dare to ask him to wake up. Speaking candidly Rafeh Masood told us the story. Can you believe that you need to be "practical", but be practical for them usually stay in the cage of ordinary reality. This cage is surrounded by the very limitations of them about what is or is not possible. If you are trying to create a new life for himself, the opinions of others may decrease the flame of faith in the possibility of reaching their dreams. Preventive Medicine Research Institute has firm opinions on the matter. After a while, you begin to wonder if they are right and you are who is wrong. Take this self-assessment tool and find out if you are a Professional Dreamer, one who is creating a new life and is working to manifest your dreams, or if they are right, and you're just a dreamer who runs away from "reality .

Add and subtract points to find out. The results are in the second part of Article. 1A. They are right If you dream of having a lot of things, live like the rich and famous, get the latest sports car … and you do nothing to achieve it. (Less 5pts) 1B.

You're right if your dream of a better quality of life, not only for having more things, but a life with meaning, joy, comfort and prosperity, and you keep looking for a way to do it in a happy and gives value to the world. (More 5pts) 2A. They are right if you are testing passes the last business schemes that promise quick wealth, losing money in pyramids and being victimized by scammers.