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Chilean Problems

Limit the communication standards of polite "hello, how are you" and "good until". 5.Chelovek, for each opportunity wants to show that he was stronger. Establishes their order, provoking a conflict. Basically this is hell stupid people who can not solve the problem with the mind and believe that force is the only help. Is measured by "who torsion "is useless – so you show that it is not better than him. Such a "measure by the" end is usually a good fight and parting on the high notes.

Effective method, this explanation of his position that he was wrong. You can even "on the concepts" tell that it is not done and is "not in . For example: "Look, we're together we remove the apartment, the same pay and solve some problems, so why are you behaving like a bull Chilean? I thought you were a normal kid, treat to you with respect, and you in response to threatening me. Why? We're adults, if you have any problems, then let's discuss them, but a longer lead. The main thing in this conversation – it's calm, do not give out your fears (if any). 6.Kurenie. Alcohol.

Smoke on the balcony or landing. If you do not smoke, explain that you do not want to be a passive smoker, you are annoying smell of cigarettes and cons to the room carpets and everything else was prokopcheno nicotine. Alcohol on holidays and with people whom you know and by mutual agreement. Of course, it is possible one or two times to close my eyes to the fact that a neighbor sharing a bottle with friends in your apartment. But if it happens regularly, then Show that you do not like it. 7.. If you notice that your neighbor is using or selling drugs is an urgent need to part with such a man. Talk to him about it, maybe you can help – if not, then leave. When used, it is likely that you will start to disappear things are scandals about trifles, and threats. When he is engaged in trade – wait for the arrival of police patrols with a search warrant, and you can send in the dock as an accomplice in "possession and distribution of drugs." Be able to argue each of his position and if the problem stay with other people disappear. And I wish you had less conflict with their boyfriends, and you only get pleasure from sharing communion.