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Interest Rates

Low interest rates and no end. Click Professor Roy Taylor to learn more. That central banks in the euro crisis foreseeable could abandon its policy of cheap money, is illusory. The German life insurers this but increasingly come under pressure, as Andreas Wurscher, responsible for Germany and Austria of Munich FWU AG, also the ATLANTICLUX S.A. belongs life insurance, explains: the model of the conservative life insurance due to the fact that there is adequate interest in the market. It is precisely the combination of investment rules. A guaranteed interest rate for the entire term to say to and at the same time having to invest in safe assets.” When supposedly safe Government bonds that is no longer the case but for a long time. Although, only a meager assumed interest rate of 1.75 percent applies to new contracts since the beginning of this year.

But in the total, there are around three percent average of all contracts. Against this background, so Andreas Wurscher by FWU, many companies think more Performance of the entire period to look at. The ATLANTICLUX offers the coordination of investment their customers on their individual needs, from conservative to chance-oriented. In some investment strategies concern is supported by the so-called capital and profit assurance to the end of the term the security needs of customers”, so Wurscher. That’s the philosophy at the offered investment strategies of ATLANTICLUX in the right direction, is considered, if you which are the performance figures approaching. So the offered strategy Deutsche shares “at the time of the 02.01.2009 up to 25.07.2012 a value increase of + 27,06% has.

The global opportunities, featuring the aforementioned capital and profit assurance”and ethical investment” make it % and + 12.16% during the same period at least + 10.67. Values that can be seen is in the face of tough trading times. Also the rates of ATLANTICLUX are multiple with top – ranking S.A. by the independent once morning & morning”has been awarded. More Information at