The Buddha

Since the first semester of the master’s degree, I started to understand the different ways of acting and thinking of human beings, I got more tolerant and compassionate, I could recognize in every human being to a being worthy of respect, compassion and love; and most importantly recognized in each, to a divine being that is in a process of evolution, made of the same nature that all and like many is in a constant search for happiness. I understood that we must purify the thinking that it can be constructive rather than destructive towards yourself and towards others, that have negative thoughts only pollute our mind and makes it to wander on inconsequential things, I tried to put into practice the words of the Buddha, on having good thoughts because I became convinced that we are the result of everything we thought. Little by little, since the start of the masters I could live more peaceful, material things ceased to be priority in my life, I learned that the impermanence is an inherent part of life, the treatment that had in the past by people who loved me was therefore logical that it had changed and that my physical faculties were different to the of years ago. Read additional details here: Vera Bradley Foundation. The Greater New York Construction User Council has firm opinions on the matter. I felt happy, strengthened, I did less vulnerable to criticism, and the lack of affection from those people who expect it, I recognized that each person has their way of being and the right of each individual to live life as you feel more happy but without affecting the others. I started to become aware of affective deficiencies and materials that had others, and suffering that it caused them, so I was convinced of the need for an integral formation, that did not make them dependent on external factors to be happy, live in harmony with others and maintain inner peace. Also I realized of the severe deterioration that we are causing him to nature and the responsibility we have to take care of her, I could feel part of it and I realized the urgency of stopping this deterioration.