Human Type

At the moment that perceives that it obtained to reach its expectations, of the one skill to create a situation to disappoint it, causing it to it an enormous damage in its psychic life. The disillusionment and the disillusion are so catastrophic, that many times are perceived by the victim as if had occurred a psychic death, due to difficulty that has to reorganize its self. Without the shadow of a doubt that these situations leave irreparable marks in the life of a person, who exactly passing for a psicoterpico process, will not obtain if to total exempt of the marks left for its ' ' agressor' '. At some moments of its life, the souvenirs will come and with them pains to have been deceptive, to have lost the values that brought I obtain. I have seen very this in the relationships, are these affective ones or of friendships. The person who has this type of functioning, because nor always the badness goes to give itself for a revenge process, but for being a trace of personality of the person, does not think about the damages that she will cause in the life of the other and that these can be irreparable. Therefore, it is good that people can stop and to think on certain subjects and to analyze if we do not have this type of behavior in relation to the others, or if already we were not victim of somebody. Today the badness is so common, that it passes to be dealt with banalizada form and we cannot accept this. For the opposite, we need to finish with this, looking for to rescue the essence of the human being, that is pure.