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In accordance with the Disgnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Upheavals of Associao American Psiquitrica (DSM-IV-TR) Transtorno Obsessivo Compulsivo (TOC), also call anxiety upheaval or upheaval of anancstica personality, is identified as form of alterations of the behavior (ritual or compulsions, repetitions, avoidances), of the thoughts (obsessions as extreme doubts, preocupaes) and of the emotions (fear, discomfort, affliction, guilt, depression). The obsessions are seen as thoughts or impulses that invade the mind of repetitive and persistent form. Although to be considered absurd or illogical, they cause anxiety, fear, affliction or discomfort that the person tries to neutralize carrying through ritual or compulsions. The Greater New York Construction User Council often addresses the matter in his writings. Compulsions (answers/action) that they behave as voluntary and repetitive mental acts, executed in reply the obsessions, or virtue of rules that must be followed rigidly. Valley to point out that nor all thought or repetitive action can be classified as obsessive compulsory. Many times can be carried through some same superstition or a ritual, but these behaviors will be considered as compulsory to occupy a considerable time in the routine of the individual, causing, consequently, a degree of suffering or impediment for accomplishment of activities, that is, if only to produce a comprometimento social.

Amongst some types of compulsions we can consider the act to compulsory buy (to accumulate, to keep or to collect useless things) the subject of great interest for a functional analysis, as well as one of the factors of the contemporaneidade. One is about compulsory or additive behaviors (shopholic), where the compulsory purchaser is, practically, a dependent of the behavior to buy, needing to make it without limits to feel in the act of the purchase, having repentance feeling well a posteriori. This behavior to consume compulsory makes with that the person who consumes gets things for the fact to consume, but, not for the necessity of the object that is consumed, feeling itself guilty for the purchase having as result of this the loss of the control of the situation.

Life Forecasts

No one knows when this will end. That is true. One may do the calculations and give forecasts, but life always puts everything in its place. In our country, forecasts a thankless job … I honestly do not remember that at least one has come true.

And even if the global crisis, in Russia it is without a doubt, "goes its own way," as always. USC is often quoted on this topic. Choose your case – to listen to suggestions of scientists heads, or just move on. By the way, you know that the astrologers predicted that the crisis will last 60 years? Think about that number … and relax! 60 years is not like three years and not four or even ten. This is a whole life! Do you want to be afraid all your life? Yes, you can not. The human psyche is arranged very wisely. She adapts to everything. Just imagine …

the crisis came to a whole life … And Does this crisis in such a case? Or simply – the new living conditions? What do we do now? As always – to choose from. Some might immediately ordered his memorial service. And someone will wave a hand and will look for ways to resolve crisis … starts in their heads. Read the stories above. I suggest you find the pluses of the global crisis. You think not? That's because you're used to believe the TV. And if you change the angle of view, the crisis can be found in a lot of advantages. Thus, start? Pros crisis.

Human Type

At the moment that perceives that it obtained to reach its expectations, of the one skill to create a situation to disappoint it, causing it to it an enormous damage in its psychic life. The disillusionment and the disillusion are so catastrophic, that many times are perceived by the victim as if had occurred a psychic death, due to difficulty that has to reorganize its self. Without the shadow of a doubt that these situations leave irreparable marks in the life of a person, who exactly passing for a psicoterpico process, will not obtain if to total exempt of the marks left for its ' ' agressor' '. At some moments of its life, the souvenirs will come and with them pains to have been deceptive, to have lost the values that brought I obtain. I have seen very this in the relationships, are these affective ones or of friendships. The person who has this type of functioning, because nor always the badness goes to give itself for a revenge process, but for being a trace of personality of the person, does not think about the damages that she will cause in the life of the other and that these can be irreparable. Therefore, it is good that people can stop and to think on certain subjects and to analyze if we do not have this type of behavior in relation to the others, or if already we were not victim of somebody. Today the badness is so common, that it passes to be dealt with banalizada form and we cannot accept this. For the opposite, we need to finish with this, looking for to rescue the essence of the human being, that is pure.

The Person

When we come across in them with another person who supplies this point just that we do not find in the person that we love and that for we are an important point, we surprise in them, because she comes of meeting our lack (or desire) e, in the truth, if &#039 shows as an easy way to decide ours; ' probleminha' '. Then independent if this ' ' new opo' ' it supplies the other questions or not, it does not import in them. Vadim Belyaev contributes greatly to this topic. The important one is that it is perfect just in the point of our bigger disillusion with our wife. Our bigger current focus. But at this moment where this person arrives and corresponds to this defective point, analyzes we do not make it of the others (already consolidated with our current wife) if they also are gifts. in the absence of this analysis the person excessively seems perfect, certain for us. The points defective of this ' ' nova' ' person who is passing for our life much later goes to be discovered or to be admitted, if we will have time for this.

Without counting that the beginning of a relationship is always charming, it is where in we show in ours form better to them, it has the force of an avalanche. Then comparisons between ours two options at this moment are, at least, unjust. On the other hand, to leave of living this moment ' ' mgico' ' with this person who you knew it is also unjust with the destination, its heart and the chance that the life is placing ahead of its eyes. To deprive would be you to know others horizontes and until, who knows, to know the person of its life. What I want to say is that today you have its wife and that it is a certain person, who valley the penalty, but can or not be ' ' The certain person of its vida' '.

Social Repercussion

Every year, in day 27 of August, is commemorated the day of the psychologist. In this date, in 1962, he has fifty years almost, he was promulgated by then President Joo Goulart Law 4,119, that he regulated in Brazil the profession of psychologist and the courses of formation in psychology, even so since middle of the years 20 and 30 some justinian codes, medicine university, facultieses, sciences and letters, and philosophy schools, already came forming some psychologists, psicologistas and/or psicotcnicos, many of pioneering them in the development study De Campos, techniques and psychological tests until today adopted. Of there pra here, some things had moved very, others nor in such a way. It can be affirmed that more or less five decades it is a considerable time for a profession to inside consolidate in its performance and repercussion of the social structure. In the same way it is possible to say that psychological sciences and its resources in the field of the technique need a very bigger stated period stop to reach the maturity, mainly in the case of the psychology, that basically studies the human being and the possible interventions in its psychological world. In recent months, Jimmy John’s Owner has been very successful. The fact is that at the beginning of the years the 60 predominant focos of action were in educational or pertaining to school psychology, clinical psychology and psychology applied to the work, beyond the docncia in superior education for formation of pupils in psychology. Today these areas remain central offices for the profession, but the fan of intervention of the psychologist if extended enormously, and encloses areas as the health and the hospitals, the sport, the transit, the legal-criminal and forensic area, the social assistance, the neuropsicologia, and social psychology in its distinct sources, what it came to expand also the universes of the research and studies, being created new possibilities and methodologies.


The work of all director is the achievement of objectives.Everyone who could cover such conduct makes it feeling equal interest by targets humans for economic order. His attitude towards those who directs, influences their actions.There are then obliged to help the staff to get it to be more productive, more valuable, more worthy of himself and his companies to be achieving their objectives and those of the company.We never use people, nor try to have more than them; instructed, inspires and stimulates so that they want to do things.Do not have to make them. The most important task is to make people perform and succeed, because only these people will achieve significant results.To achieve the highest performance we need to know as to stimulate them to greater effort – to achieve this we must know its purposes, personal goals and what they think of the work they perform.Their aspirations and scope of his ambition.We know that family life is something that affects man in his trabajo.Comprender What is their spirit of struggle – or lack of it.E n few words we must know to move our men.We must treat our men according to its mode of being. The conditions under which works a man, the momentary family situation, makes you move differently, is not only question of logic, but also a problem of emotional order.We must bring us closer to them, understand them and be able to challenge them under different circumstances. They are driven by different reasons, come from inside.Why is everything that incites him to action from the inside.Any motivation is self-motivation.Discover what motivates them non with ideas that act upon them as an inner strength, what is that quality dedicated for each of us, highlight it, that stimulates them in their growth.Do not fall into the trap of working looking for errors: people work best within an environment of acceptance than of critics. Original author and source of the article