The work of all director is the achievement of objectives.Everyone who could cover such conduct makes it feeling equal interest by targets humans for economic order. His attitude towards those who directs, influences their actions.There are then obliged to help the staff to get it to be more productive, more valuable, more worthy of himself and his companies to be achieving their objectives and those of the company.We never use people, nor try to have more than them; instructed, inspires and stimulates so that they want to do things.Do not have to make them. The most important task is to make people perform and succeed, because only these people will achieve significant results.To achieve the highest performance we need to know as to stimulate them to greater effort – to achieve this we must know its purposes, personal goals and what they think of the work they perform.Their aspirations and scope of his ambition.We know that family life is something that affects man in his trabajo.Comprender What is their spirit of struggle – or lack of it.E n few words we must know to move our men.We must treat our men according to its mode of being. The conditions under which works a man, the momentary family situation, makes you move differently, is not only question of logic, but also a problem of emotional order.We must bring us closer to them, understand them and be able to challenge them under different circumstances. They are driven by different reasons, come from inside.Why is everything that incites him to action from the inside.Any motivation is self-motivation.Discover what motivates them non with ideas that act upon them as an inner strength, what is that quality dedicated for each of us, highlight it, that stimulates them in their growth.Do not fall into the trap of working looking for errors: people work best within an environment of acceptance than of critics. Original author and source of the article