Genetic Mapping

For love, the Father sent the Son, nailed the union, the reconciliation of all the things and the peace. It fulfilled the mission, it was under the power of the death, but it revived, it went up to skies, one sat down in its proper Throne and in the certain time, it will come back to make new all the things, in a wonderful world, where all tear will be enxuta. The humanity now, has the chance, the favour and the privilege to perpetuate this legacy for all the peoples. But, she preferred herself to study the character of God and to make the genetic mapping of it. There ‘ appears; ‘ Teologia’ ‘ launches the utmost systematics of the faith, that nothing more is of what the attempt human being to dive in the viscera of God for the bistoury of the Writing and the anesthetical needle of the Hermeneutics. Which is the result of this hollow attempt? Until today ‘ ‘ Teologia’ ‘ it wants to prove more for the B that Jesus is 100% human being and 100% The holy ghost, that God is 3 in 1, that the tenth is obligator, that the hell exists, that the Writing is the unequivocal Word of God, who God it is almost-love and that the Sacrifice was only one patch to fix ndoa of the sin, it dispatches by post for Adam, Eva and the serpent, that the Land corrupted and ruined the course of the history intended for God Good Practically, we stop for there Even because, this is almost ‘ ‘ Teologia’ ‘ finer and requintada of the Christianity. The man has that to mapear itself exactly, because it does not understand nor the fellow creature, the more To that never he had principle of days and he will never have existence end? God is for ‘ ‘ absurdo’ ‘ , as well as the time he is for the conscience.