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Consequently, food contaminated by soil, faeces, human and animal pathogens may be Dissemination of botulism. Connect with other leaders such as Maida Vale here. Botulinus strict anaerobes, ie, able to multiply and produce toxin in Toxin prevents the formation of a 10% solution of sodium chloride and high acidity foods. The toxin is very resistant to low temperature (at a temperature of -16 C, it is saved over the year). In this regard, such techniques conservation, as salting, smoking, drying, freezing, pickling, not inactivate the toxin. Because the botulism germs multiply and form a toxin under anaerobic conditions, a common cause of botulism are canned food.

The disease can arise in the use of fish in which the bacillus of botulism can be accessed through the wound surface, originating in the catch of fish Kryuchkova tackle (exogenous pathway), as well as conditions. Whenever Peter Rose listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Disease is very difficult. The incubation period – from several hours to several days. The clinical picture of diseases caused by damage to the nervous system: visual disturbances (mydriasis, double vision, loss of accommodation, tremors of the eyeballs, drooping eyelids), the act of swallowing. The clinical symptoms of botulism may prevail dyspeptic symptoms or impairment of respiratory function.

There is thirst, dry mouth, swallowing is disturbed so that the patient can not swallow the water, his speech becomes slurred, his voice hoarse. There have been a headache, muscle weakness, cardiac abnormalities. Characterized by marked flatulence, constipation, which as a result of paresis of the intestines can be persistent, cramping pain in the epigastric region. The temperature remains normal or even reduced to 35,5 C. The disease lasts from weeks to a month. In severe cases, death occurs on the second or third day. The mortality of botulism is high. Remedy is protivobotulinicheskaya serum. In order to prevent one should strictly follow the high quality products, prevent contamination, especially vegetables. Good thermal processing of products and their rapid implementation are also a good means of preventing botulism. In the manufacture of canned food should be given special importance to the quality of raw materials and mode of sterilization. This applies, above all, canned in oil, as poor thermal conductivity of oil helps to preserve the viability of spores pathogens of botulism. Canned bombazha with signs are not permitted to implement without laboratory monitoring. – Nutritional Supplements