The Cause

I was told that he would have to take some very powerful drugs to reduce the size of two of the larger fibroids since this would make the surgery less risky. I asked at that time if there were any natural remedy for fibroids that I could use instead to undergo surgery, but I was told that there was nothing that I could do and I was scheduled to begin treatment with drugs a few weeks after that appointment, with operation scheduled for 16 weeks subsequent to it. During my research, I found several natural remedies for fibroids. With what I found is that finding the cause is very important and is not the same for every woman, and what has caused the fibroids determines the correct treatment. One widespread theory about fibroids is that some women’s bodies are naturally prone to inflammation and that this is not a result of anything you are doing wrong. In fact, it is probably hereditary. For these women, eat foods that are naturally anti inflammatory may be beneficial.

Such meals include barley and Rosemary. Called cumin spice is also beneficial. Estrogen is also known to be the cause of uterine fibroids, then it happens that women who have an excess of this hormone are more likely to suffer from fibroids. Frequently Dave Parker has said that publicly. Some natural remedies for uterine fibroids include detoxification, to rid the liver of these substances. Chinese medicine is well known for its healing properties and has shown that it can play an active role in the cleanup of the reproductive organs and remove toxins. Sometimes used alone can help fibroids start to reduce its size.

In my own case, I knew that within a couple of weeks that something was happening. I first wondered if the inflammation was diminishing. However, after two months, my clothes began to stay loose and not already looked as if she was pregnant. I return with my doctor for a more thorough review for allegedly begin to receive my hormonal treatment and when I examined the doctor thought that me! I was confusing with another patient! She look for my original exams and am amazed at how much had dwarfed the fibroids. I decided there and then continue with natural remedies for uterine fibroids and postpone the hysterectomy. To shorten the story. I eventually canceled all procedures and subsequently the doctor confirmed to me that they were no longer needed. The fibroids were so small that they did not cause me any symptoms and tests also showed that many children had disappeared. Fibroids are a condition that can be treated ideally with natural medicine because it is very rare that they are threatening life. This means that delaying conventional treatment should not have harmful effects, although you should confirm that this case conforms to your individual circumstances. To learn more about natural remedies for fibroids, please visit cure fibroids author original and source of the article.