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Health Centres

Noise control in a hospital building without due and proper acoustic treatment health centers and hospitals, can present serious problems for its inhabitants. Considered a critical building by its multiple functions, according to experts it is necessary to have a specialized, ideally acoustic project that is defined in the design stage. We must prevent noises. Acoustically isolated hospital rooms is no easy task. A number of factors should be considered. By be buildings of high complexity and low integral acoustics since they are composed of a wide range of functional units and services these areas deserve a specific study of noise and vibration control.

According to the experts consulted, the ideal is contemplating noise control systems from the design stage, already to rehabilitate an existing structure could considerably raise the investment and, at the same time be very invasive, reducing the size of rooms, halls or hallways. In a hospital compound coexist various activities such as surgical rooms of recovery, attention to public, among others. Therefore, design requirements should be such that it allows the development of each of these activities alone and together. It should be controlled, among others, the reverberation in hallways and waiting rooms to avoid the sounds that occur in these sectors, affecting sensitive enclosures as well as acoustic insulation between areas and the control of noise and vibration for equipment and machinery. We must prevent the noise. Sources of noise in these rooms there are two types of categories of distinct noises, the external and the internal.

1. External noises: are the strongest and complex deal. Hospitals settle in easily accessible areas, and therefore close to sources of noise, says Esteban Ruedlinger, IDIEM acoustic engineer.

Reverse Psychology

The use of reverse to win back your ex psychology is not complicated. Because your you know the personality of your ex and its characteristics after spending time with them or them, how to use reverse psychology to win back your ex will help them become aware of. Not having contact with them that means that there should be nothing message text, calls, send instant messages, meeting in homes, or meeting places. Nothing! Nothing! Nothing at all. If you can’t do this then these one step more than fail.

However, this is the most difficult thing do for most people. This may seem counter-intuitive for your ultimate goal which is without doubt how to retrieve to your ex, but I see it this way: If you stop calling your ex, especially when he has made it clear that they do not wish to be contacted, then you have to be calm, mature (a) and in control of yourself. Once your ex begins to see you this way you’ll be immediately more attractive (a) that the person desperate you were and that you bombardeabas with calls. From my experience personally, this says it all. In some cases I have deleted the comments of an ex of my Facebook page and put it as they do not know what to do and begin to send emails and text messages about why you deleted your comment.

In some cases I had to get a restraining order. Please, don’t be that person and have the necessary maturity. Sometimes everything that your ex wants is time to think. I can guarantee that you’re thinking of you, even when no flaming. In addition, this simple reverse psychology means that you one time that you’ve stopped trying to make contact with your ex, as soon as your ex begins to wonder what you’re doing. They begin to wonder why you’re not come or persiguiendola and like your be in your thoughts. ANDA salt to sunbathe or performs a hobby when you are trying to win back your ex have to be away from home and have a good time. Revitalize you and make new friends or reconnect you with old friends. Ever have you noticed that some people end up going to the gym and work when they are single?. Then that! Take care of your health and your body. This is what makes your ex wonder what you’re doing and the benefits highlighted also. You’ve stopped calling and are away from home so you have fun. Once you spread the word to your ex, you’ll be amazed of how well you’re faced with the situation. Tea art in a person that I want to and then everyone will notice it. It is the power of positive thinking, and you’re in control of your own mind and options. Finally, be nice. Act selflessly and be an idiot is not the same. If calling you say after a month, you can respond and act outside, but do not be an idiot and act as if do not need them. Your ex wants you back, but for any reason use the revenge. You have to have the maturity and security if really you want to recover to your ex fast, leaving aside the despair and insecurity.