Cyber Knife

However, treatment of the “Gamma Knife” requires the application of the stereotactic frame in the form of helmet to lock the head for precise beam pointing at the tumor. Radiological treatment the principle of radiosurgery can also be performed at accelerators linac, X-Knife, SynergyS, Trilogy, Novalis, Syclotron etc. Read more here: Daryl Katz. However, it is “Cyber Knife” made a real revolution in the field of radiation treatment of tumors! “Cyber-knife (CyberKnife), or “spatial scalpel, is considered the most advanced and innovative system for the radiosurgical treatment. The system was developed in 1992 a professor at Stanford University (USA) John Adler to overcome existing shortcomings of existing systems radiosurgery. In particular, the device “Cyber Knife” was embodied two revolutionary innovation – a system of control over the image and the robotic “arm” with an essentially new level of maneuverability.

In 1999, began treatment of the “Cyber Knife” head and neck tumors, and since 2003, is the treatment of tumors of any localization. How does the work and the “Cyber Knife” Cyber Knife “- is a lightweight linear accelerator, located on the robot console, which has six degrees of freedom and providing a 1200 position of the beam irradiation. Radiation beam output from the mobile polyarthric “arm” that allows him to direct almost any “target” – a tumor in the patient’s body. The position of the tumor is automatically tracked in relation to a display in real time the bone structures of the patient (bone formation are coordinate system) or rentgenkontrastnym labels. With the help of modern software “Cyber Knife” during irradiation controls the localization of the tumor, which can vary due to movement of the patient at breathing.