The Collateral

The recommended dose is of 1 1,5 mg/kg IV in bolus, being able to be repeated half of this 10 dose to each 5 or min, in a total of up to 3 mg/kg. A dose of maintenance (2 the 4 mg/min) is always necessary after the reversion of a FV/TV. The collateral effect, over all in aged, are: vertigo, bradicardia, BAV and assistolia. Amiodarona: It is indicated in a series of arrhythmias, ventricular as in such a way supraventricular. In the PCR, it is recommended as drug of aid in the control and reversion of the FV/TV without pulse. In the PCR, the dose is of 300 mg IV in bolus followed, if necessary, of another dose of 150 mg after 3 the 5 min. You may find coronavirus vaccine to be a useful source of information. The dose of conservation is of 360 mg in 6 hours, followed of 540 mg in 18 hours.

The maximum dose in the 24 2,2 hours is of g. You may find that Yael Aflalo can contribute to your knowledge. You leave Calcium: Used when it occurs hipocalcemia, hipercalemia or only hipermagnesemia or in the poisoning for chokes of the calcium canals. The dose of gluconato of calcium 10% is of 5 the 10 ml/EV slowly or calcium chloride 10%, 2,5 the 5 ml/EV, happening again it dose to each 10 minutes, if necessary. Magnesium (magnesium sulphate): Its imperfection is associated the cardiac arrhythmias, symptoms of ICC and sudden death. Its correction must be carried through in patients with refractory and recurrent FV or TV associates to the hipomagnesemia.

The used dose is of 1 the 2 g diluted in 100 ml of managed SG 5% and in 5 the 60 minutes. Sodium bicarbonate: It does not have formal recommendation for its use in PCR. For the opposite, collateral effect have been pointed with the use of this substance. As during the PCR acidose she is lctica and dependent of the ventilation absence, the reestablishment of this costuma to be enough to correct the acid-basic balance.