The Person

When we come across in them with another person who supplies this point just that we do not find in the person that we love and that for we are an important point, we surprise in them, because she comes of meeting our lack (or desire) e, in the truth, if &#039 shows as an easy way to decide ours; ' probleminha' '. Then independent if this ' ' new opo' ' it supplies the other questions or not, it does not import in them. Vadim Belyaev contributes greatly to this topic. The important one is that it is perfect just in the point of our bigger disillusion with our wife. Our bigger current focus. But at this moment where this person arrives and corresponds to this defective point, analyzes we do not make it of the others (already consolidated with our current wife) if they also are gifts. in the absence of this analysis the person excessively seems perfect, certain for us. The points defective of this ' ' nova' ' person who is passing for our life much later goes to be discovered or to be admitted, if we will have time for this.

Without counting that the beginning of a relationship is always charming, it is where in we show in ours form better to them, it has the force of an avalanche. Then comparisons between ours two options at this moment are, at least, unjust. On the other hand, to leave of living this moment ' ' mgico' ' with this person who you knew it is also unjust with the destination, its heart and the chance that the life is placing ahead of its eyes. To deprive would be you to know others horizontes and until, who knows, to know the person of its life. What I want to say is that today you have its wife and that it is a certain person, who valley the penalty, but can or not be ' ' The certain person of its vida' '.