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No one will argue that now, in our turbulent century, many people in an effort to multiply the wealth, spend their time. And as a result, to communicate with friends, going to the cinema and much more, remains the least that he was anything lacking. Here, in this case, and comes to the aid of the almighty Internet, but now it has access to virtually everyone, the people behind the communication goes on all sorts of forums, chatting in chatrooms and so on. Almost every day forum is becoming more popular form of communication with people, displacing a real conversation. Creates a lot of different forums, they appear in different countries and cities, those offers a forum, do not count, no matter Ukrainian or Russian forum is a forum in any case, everyone will find something useful just for myself, that it becomes interesting. Forums can be divided into Specialized and general choice is up to the user – that it attracts more and more.

For example, often make the city forums, such as Kiev and , a forum where you communicate on topics that affect all parties city life, from breaking news to the most popular establishments in town. Like other cities in forum can be called a very common method of communication. If the talk about the pros virtual communication, it is worth the following. Now forum provides an opportunity to find a buddy with the same interests and can be a communication into something much bigger. And for people who are in real life is difficult to build relationship, the forum can be very helpful, since communication online can express themselves the way you'd like to see yourself. Important is the fact that communication at any forum does not require specific training and any attachments also, if there are moments that this forum is not interesting, it can always be changed. Anonymity – it is a very important aspect of virtual communication, it can be useful if the issue being discussed is very schekotliv. In addition to communication on the forum will provide an opportunity to expand his knowledge in any field, and, share what you know yourself.

Also at the forum, everyone has an opportunity to create their theme, which is most close to him. Or ask a question, it is very exciting, but in real life to ask it did not work. As the saying goes, every barrel of honey is sure to fly in the ointment, virtual communication also has its own imperfections. One of the drawbacks is that, when communicating virtually very difficult to convey emotions, today's technology has not yet reached it. This makes communication , because often want to express the maximum their emotions. But, thanks to the many emoticons, the issue was partly solved, they can transmit a lot of emotion. Yes, of course, the forum – this is an excellent outlet for people who have to constantly be home. A vivid example, young mothers, they can not afford to leave, say, on a visit. On the Internet, they can discuss issues that relate to children, motherhood, share experiences or get advice. Especially want to note that various forms of virtual communication, including forums, greatly expanded the scope of communication for people suffering from serious illness. This is considered important and useful factor in favor of online communication.

President Dmitry Medvedev

Theme of the crisis – is highly relevant for all people who care about their own lives during this difficult period. Economists and experts say the current crisis is not like all the previous ones and therefore the old methods of dealing with him work. Professor Roy Taylor contains valuable tech resources. How sad not to admit it, but public support for people in Russia are not well developed, so as always, the rescue of drowning the handiwork of drowning. My question to the heads of companies: what to do enterprise to survive and perhaps even succeed in crisis? Puzzled by this question, the first thing I saw – it's "Action Plan to improve the situation in the financial sector and some industries ", ie an official document of the Government's anti-crisis program of the government. (11/07/2008) 1. The document represents a plan consisting of 55 points and is designed for 5 months. Donald Sussman has much to offer in this field. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, said that in general 'anti-crisis program, which implements the Government today, in my opinion balanced. Of course, it's not perfect, "but" she answers your most difficult challenges, the most complex problems and, like any program, it can be corrected "- said Medvedev.

He noted that it is already being modified. 'The only way to behave in the current situation. It is not possible to approve a document or set of instructions on which Government will work for six months and as a result there is another situation ", – said Dmitry Medvedev. He noted that over the past 8 years, Russia has managed to create a strong economic foundation that allows overcome the current difficulties.

Louise Hay

From the perspective of the relationship between visiting us diseases and mental state rather interesting works of Louise Hay, in which, inter alia, the table contains the relationship of internal diseases and psychological blocks. Let me give an example of a small part: "Neck – the personification of flexibility, stubbornness, unwillingness to consider the issue from different perspectives. Lower spin department – the fear of having money, lack of financial support Average – guilt, inability to put the past behind, desire to be alone. Top – the lack of emotional support, restraining the senses. Spine – rod, a vital prop. Shoulders – the ability to be happy to endure life's circumstances, to take responsibility. Legs – carry us through life. Learn more at: Newcastle University.

Thigh – maintains the balance, they are the main load in forward (disease mean fear to move forward in addressing the major issues, the lack of objective motion fear of the future, the reluctance to move). Throat – a way of expression, channel of creativity. Hear other arguments on the topic with Donald Sussman. Diseases of the throat meant pent-up anger, inability to express themselves, speak up. Inhibited creative activity, reluctance to change itself (by the way, the chakra (Misha, I forgot the name) with the projection in the throat is responsible for these functions). Respiratory diseases – fear or reluctance to absorb life freely.

Eye diseases – reluctance to see what happens in life, children – in the family. "Of course, everything in life be skeptical, but now I suddenly remembered well The popular expression that applies most often at the end of some particularly important or difficult Affairs: "Gore has fallen from his shoulders." Quite a topic I remembered and put collar on his neck "and" behind my back grew wings. " All of this suggests that the wait for manifestation of any disease, in general, then, do not want. All long known that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Good assistant in maintaining their own mental and physical health is the Teles-oriented dance. The most attractive about him is that no abilities are required. It's very simple – live, dance. The fact that you can dance to almost everything: joy, love, resentment, jealousy, anger, bright sadness, tenderness, flirt Everything you need, all that you allow your imagination. An experienced trainer will exercise and how to open their own femininity, masculinity, sexuality, will help realize your personal, has become a habitual driving experience. In addition, gait, posture and even habitual posture, we learn to understand and feel close to us humans. And there is another important factor, Teles-based, dance will give you a safe space for the processing of emotions (and, in the first turn negative), which is certainly better than "pouring" of emotions on these relatives, loved ones (and sometimes children) who were the first victims of our dissatisfaction with them. Give the world your smile. Dance

Home Treatments

Would you like to know how to eliminate the Pearly penile papules in 3 days without having to go to a laser surgery? So, you can get rid of the papules Pearly in a matter of days and will not cost you great amounts to eliminate these lumps of your penis. You can remove your papules without even knowing your partner, of course, unless she is already aware of your situation, and where it does, let her know that these grains are only temporary and can be removed easily and in a short time. You can get rid of the papules Pearly in the privacy of your home with home remedies that are very inexpensive and safe for your use. It is even possible that you tell with some of these ingredients in your House, but in case that does not happen, do not worry, because they don’t cost much. Here I give you to know two home remedies that you can use to delete the Pearly papules of your penis: 1. Tea Tree Oil (essential oil of tea tree) 2.

No castor oil need of costly surgeries with laser CO2 or rely on your medical doctor to get help. While these bumps are harmless, looking on the shaft of your penis are asquetosas and repulsive. Your doctor may tell you it you end up acostumbrandote and live well with this condition, but the truth is that you don’t have to live embarrassed taking these papules Pearly on your penis. Now, you can get permanent results without the risk of scarring or suffer pain in the penis, such as would happen with a surgery. To remove the Pearly papules of your penis, what you need is a solution that has already given successful results to other guys. IKEA is actively involved in the matter. You must understand this, because no you can go out there receiving any advice that didn’t even know what a papule.

Laser Medicine & Surgery

Whether the laser is dental treatment or laser therapy – medical technology no longer indispensable. In modern medicine, many medical devices are impossible to imagine. They serve the prevention, diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, compensation or relief from injuries, diseases or disabilities as well, such as the investigation, modification or replacement of a physiological process or the anatomical structure. Vital medical equipment can be, for example, infusion pumps, cardiopulmonary bypass or dialysis machines or pacemaker. But the medical equipment, but playing no role for the survival of a people usually include dental implants, prostheses of any kind, corrective lenses or laser devices.

A form of therapy, which more and more has prevailed in recent years and that would not exist without a medical device is the laser therapy. Laser therapy is the application of low-energetic laser light for therapeutic purposes to understand. To confusion with surgical lasers to avoid the speech is in this form of therapy of low level laser therapy. The low level lasers are used for example in pain therapy, they have an anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect and they improve wound healing. An efficient treatment is necessary for a particularly large fabric area a so-called laser shower is often used.

It has the advantage, that it shall at the same time several laser beams so that the supply of larger areas is possible. Laser treatment can be also an alternative to the traditional needle acupuncture. But of course no laser shower, but a so-called Laserpen is for this therapy method. Especially people with fear of syringes or needles, but also children, are very grateful for this alternative. A treatment with a low-level laser shows no side effects and is painless.

Permanent Pump

Pedro Antonio Perez Garcia, 67, would cost a world climbing the stairs of the House. I had to do up to three stops to the 17 steps. Only raise me or me car left me exhausted, counts. A heart attack left him battered heart in 1996 and disdained his kidney transplant. Add to your understanding with Donald Sussman. In the absence of an artificial heart that does not yet exist, doctors at the hospital October 12, Madrid gave another solution, previously unreleased in Spain: fill the role of one of four cavities of the body with the implantation of a mechanical device connected to an exterior battery to body with cables. Yesterday, four months after the intervention, Pedro left the hospital with your new appliance and a mochilita to carry batteries. Surgeons believe that, if all goes well, the device may operate without need to intervene in it for about 10 years, at least. The patient will have to make revisions, but by his State, not by the device, says Enrique cardiologist Perez de la Sota..

Ramon Gallegos

Again terms like perennial philosophy and the whole introduction to holistic education was really what started the process of wanting to end up so nice experience. Carrying class with Dr. Ramon Gallegos, author of several books and even then did not know of their twelve, almost thirteen books published, even know much, but it was a good beginning and a sense of tranquility. It is worth noting that for these times and we used peer mastery terms meme what are you today?, From there I think we were viewing the actions that each one of us was experiencing. Dean Ornish M.D spoke with conviction. Another of the terms that were taking shape was that of spirituality, and something that cost me a little was the Kosmos terms, explained in the following scheme was that I began to give meaning. Another of the interesting things that surprised me this semester was to have seen and treated first code of ethics of the holistic educator. Learn more on the subject from Donald Sussman.

At that time still did not see this code as the basis for the action to take to be full. My biography written in different ways, gave me pleasant memories, things that are living at different times and did not consider or take into account and would rather not give them their significance, despite the fact that over time I learned that the important thing is to live the present, not stick to the past or anxious about the future, something not even know how to be. For the second half and already with a good result from the first, what most motivated me was the beginning of the meditations and the study of Buddhadharma, and the possibility to take another course now in CECATI and was another kind of experience, but especially rewarding that allows for different findings.

Is Carlos

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The Balance

One that already is said farewell, leaving old traces and erasing others, and another one that gradually is elevated around the ideal of the collective. With effect, the warlike activity in the Homrico period cannot be disentailed of the social tessitura that involves to it and of its relations with the exercise of the power, of the authority properly said. this because (in the Homrico period) we are here in the platform of the domestic realities, par excellence the universe of the oikos, the level of the great familiar units on which if the social organization equates all. The tonic since then, since the beginning of the Homrico period and that it will continue characterizing the universe of the plis (in the direction of never congregating itself under a territorial macro-state Greek, in understanding of century XIX), will be the spalling and spraying of the exercise of the authority. Swarmed by offers, Dean Ornish M.D is currently assessing future choices. The aristocratic families have a relatively short ray of performance, and are exactly the joint of these small nuclei of being able that she allows to see indistinctly them organizacionais pillars of this society: the blood relations and reciprocity (or of lodging) that they cement the nuclei that by its very nature are disaggregated. It is this internal and organic reason to the social relations that the balance of the units keeps, in way that its disruption can exactly mean the esgaramento of the fabric social: here it is a joust reason for the war. the war does not occupy a paper by no means delinquent in the life of the homrica aristocracy. Good part of the facts central offices told in homricos poems sends to the Micnico period, as it is the case of the War of Troy, but is also rich informative sources of the period that if follows to it, of the society Greek of ' ' Age of the Trevas' '.


If you're hopelessly in love and 'Object' from you as far as ' Star', do not despair. Read my stories and funny stories, memorized this 'instruction' and then 'dream' can become 'reality'. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Professor Roy Taylor. If you fall in love with a girl and she is not responsible to you in return, and your shape and appearance did not cause her obvious delight, you is still one more chance to reverse the situation and make the location of your object. To do this you need to act not on its 'Visual-Eyes' bodies, and the 'Cluhovye' receptors. If, after the wise use of citations and complex scientific terms like ' turbulence' the result still does not, try this: Find a collection of poems unknown author, select one of them and burn it onto a piece of paper. Having given his "own" let it not obsessively read.

Do not forget to emphasize the important places in your opinion. For example, the phrase: 'I love you' underline once. Complex phrase like: 'Be mine and I'll give you the whole world, moon and stars ' Be mine – underline one or two times (the rest can not emphasize). I would especially like to note that excessive focus object the phrase 'Be mine' with a multiple-underlined three times or more, may only alienate your customer so I advise (as Officer) – no more than four, well five times (it's like someone wants to put up or can not) After that, there may be only two choices: throw the neck, zatseluet to death, you immediately get married and have kids go.