Mary Disease

Poliomyelitis acute epidemic paralysis, Heine's disease – Medina (POLIOMYELITIS) etiology. The causative agent is a filterable virus. There are three immunologic types of virus: Brunnhilde, Leon, and Lansing, also referred to numbers (I, II, III). The causative agent of poliomyelitis is stable in the environment. At a temperature of 0-4 it is viable in faeces for several months.

Of laboratory animals are susceptible to polio monkeys. The virus can grown in tissue culture. Epidemiology. The source of infection is a sick man, convalescents and healthy virus carriers. Typhoid Mary is especially great during the acute phase of illness. During the period of convalescence shedding lasts 14-40 days and sometimes longer (up to 5 months). In the contents of the nasopharynx revealed impermanent, in the early days of the disease.

(An important role in the spread of polio are the person carrying the disease mild or asymptomatic form. Poliomyelitis is an intestinal infection: a role in its distribution are the flies. Obviously, matters and airborne route of infection. The incidence rises in July – October and decreases in winter and spring months. Trauma, intestinal diseases, and especially tonsillectomy contribute to the development of the disease. Polio mainly affects children under 3 years old, to a lesser extent – the older age groups. Atrium are the pharyngeal lymphatic ring and the intestinal tract, where the primary replication of the virus. Thanks to vaccinations achieved dramatic reduction in the number of polio cases. Clinic. The incubation period lasts on average 5-14 days (may decrease to 1-2 and extension to 50 days). The disease is characterized by acute inflammation of the gray matter of anterior horns of the spinal cord, mainly in the cervical and lumbar bulges, rarely involved in the process cells posterior horns of the brain stem, subcortical nuclei. Distinguish aparalitichesky and paralytic poliomyelitis. The disease usually begins acutely. Temperature increases up to 38,5-40 .

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The Destination

The final disposal of the urban solid residues on the land is the destination most usual in the whole world and some characteristics of the deposition places can be classified such as the lixes or drains, that they are characterized by the absence of control on type, volume and danger of the deposited residues. The residue remains the sky opened without no type of compacting with the objective to minimize the volume, being the residues poured on the ground natural. To broaden your perception, visit Dean Ornish M.D. It also does not have no control of entrance of people or animals (OLIVEIRA, 2002, p.7-8). The lixes are local where if it directly deposits garbage without no protection to the environment in the ground. These areas are great badly cheirosos lands where the wind and rain are puted in charge to take the pollution for the neighboring places many times inhabited for people. In these places, the organic substance in decomposition attracts insects (cheap, flies, mosquitos), rats and other transmitting animals of illnesses (virus, bacteria, protozorios). These animals find in the lixes an ideal environment to multiply.

Moreover, the decomposition of the organic substance of the garbage produces black and malcheiroso a broth, call chorume. In the chorume we find, beyond organic substance, toxic products, as the lead and the fluorescent mercury, that if they originate from inks, solvent, stacks, light bulbs, etc. When the chorume is loaded for rains, can contaminate the rivers and until the underground water (the fretico sheet) that it supplies the domestic wells, becoming the water of the improper region for consumption. Without a doubt some, the lixo is not the solution for the discarding of the garbage. But, unhappyly, more than 70% of the garbage in Brazil are unloaded in the lixes. The accumulated residues constitute source of pollution and great risk to the health of the population. The not biodegradvel and same garbage the biodegradvel is deposited frequent in inadequate places, as streams and rivers, having caused floods and the proliferation of vectors of ample variety of diseases.

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Dislexia: Some Questions

DISLEXIA: SOME QUESTIONS Introduction One of the main problems observed in the pedagogical process is inadequate behaviors of some pupils in the diverse pertaining to school activities. It has a confusion of decurrent internal and external problems of educational politics badly guided of a precarious formation that crosses all the pertaining to school levels, starting for the unpreparedness of the professors to deal with the conflicts that appear in the classrooms that contribute for the configuration of the picture. In recent years, much has heard to speak in dislexia, but few professionals of the area of the education recognize the difficulties related for dislxicos pupils. to approach this subject has been challenging, either for unfamiliarity of the problem, the people, the belief of that it really exists.

The present research better looks for to clarify and to guide to that in certain way if they find involved with the problematic one of the upheaval of learning in the area of the reading, writing and spelling: parents, educators, familiar, enter others. It is looked to define the dislexia concept, as well as, mentions a historical briefing to it of the illness; its characteristics, classification and diagnosis and as a dislxico develop the activities proposal for the school. In general, one also searchs to clarify doubts regarding the treatment of the dislexia, the medicine use, its familiar context, the pertaining to school, social life and the conflicts that appear of the convivncia with a carrier in the classroom, therefore a child with dislexia in classroom demands a bigger attention on the part of the professor, in view of whom the treat problem was as a dislxica child participates of the activities daily in the pertaining to school environment that, for this problem we support as hypothesis that a didactics-pedagogical action directed toward the necessities special of the dislexia is possible to skirt problems of reading and writing that the pupil presents and that comes to present future.

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Infantile Mortality

The authors warn for the fact of that until little time behind, the index of infantile mortality and materna were very high. Thus, the referring crendices and rites to the pregnancy played also the function to protect the women and the babies. In accordance with Maldonado (1994), since the beginning of the gestation the woman can feel diverse fears: fear of the pain of the childbirth, fear not to obtain to take care of of the baby, fear of not being a good mother, fear of the child to come to be born with some anomaly, fear not to give to account of its obligations maternas, fear to suffer some damage for its health, amongst others. Already during the period after-childbirth, the author designates the predominance of the fear to know if its son was born normal. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. As Marine (2006), this fear of that the baby is not perfect already presents exactly during the pregnancy, therefore some women refuse to receive disgnostic during the prenatal period. According to author: ' ' The proper idea to anticipate a diagnosis of illness in the son by itself promotes this climate of unreliability and fear in the pregnancy (MARINE, 2006, p.6).

Maldonado (1994) attributes the fear to have a badly-formed son the guilt feelings, that can be unconscious and that they date of much time, being related to the fear of punishment for some act practised and judged as deserving of punishment. This guilt, that can be conscientious or unconscious, can generate the fear to have a son with anomalies and associate it the fancy of ' ' not to be well on the inside ' '. Orientation prenatal, that is made in order to keep the health of the woman and the baby and to watch over so that the childbirth occurs of the best possible form, can infuse fears in the mothers.

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Cosmetic Treatment

The acne is the most common of the chronic illnesses of folculo pilossebceo of the skin human being, caused for multiple factors and that it leads to the appearance of some characteristic injuries. Four basic points can be pointed as responsible with respect to the development of the acne: sebcea hipersecreo; hiperqueratinizao to folicular; bacterial and the consequent inflammation to folicular and dermic settling underlying. It has a variety of types of acne, but most common it is the vulgar acne. Of the clinical point of view the acne is classified in not-inflammatory and inflammatory, in accordance with the type of predominant injury. The clinical injuries of the not inflammatory acne if subdivide in microcomedes, open and closed comedes; already the injuries of the inflammatory acne are ppulas, pstulas, and the injuries most serious are the cysts and nodules. To classify the acne is important, therefore it determines the choice of the ideal personalized aesthetic protocol that acts in the diverse forms of presentation of the injuries and in all the phases of the development of the same ones. In this direction, this scientific article has for objective to detach the basic principles for the cosmetic treatment of the vulgar acne in a perspective directed to the professionals of aesthetic the face one. It is characterized for being a bibliographical research of the descriptive type with qualitative character, on the basis of published theoretical references already: scientific articles and books. Ahead of the displayed one necessity is perceived to identify to the injuries gifts to it in the skin of the carrier of the acne and the phase of the development of the same one for, from these information, to make the choice of indicated active principles more than acts controlling the fisiopatolgicas alterations of the acne thus personalizing the treatment so that if reach the desired result..

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Silver Water

On the good qualities of silver water cure various illnesses, known already in ancient times. In ancient Rome, the water stored in containers made of silver, which prevented her from getting harmful bacteria and improved edibility. Of course the action of silver on the water could not be seen, and this is why scientists from different countries have started their research in this area. During the tests it was found that silver water has just the qualities of the original – it does not develop harmful bacteria and microorganisms, which positively affects the quality of the aqueous solution. Bad water – a major factor of many of our ills that arise use of the latter. Use of silver water, in some cases, prevents the development of the disease and that nesomenno most importantly, has a therapeutic effect in the presence of illness … To date, at home silver water conditions can be made using the instrument created by researchers – under the heading of silver ionizer water. Silver ionizer water, rationed water saturates the active silver ions, allows you to make at home living water that will change your life for the better.

C using water ionizer can get drinking water solution saturated with silver ions, as well as more concentrated solution intended for washing and prolonging your youth and beauty. Even before the creation of domestic water ionizers, people actively use the silver water. For the manufacture of silver water used products silver – rings, bracelets, earrings, which were immersed in an aqueous solution for a long time. Indeed water is largely cleaned and in some way enriched by the active silver ions, yet anticipated the effect of the resulting water – is ineffective. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Martha McClintock. At present, domestic silver ionizer water accessible enough, and the benefits of silver water is high. Water ionizers are different, but mostly they are small and oversized, they can be worn on the neck of any bank and get a much needed, chisteyschuyu and vibrant health water. Nature has blessed us a wonderful gift – the silver water, able to rejuvenate and revitalize your body, make us more energetic and therefore more cheerful, allowed us to naturally rejuvenate your face and body of water … Silver, a part of daily diet, can save you from various diseases, viruses and infections, to feel more cheerful. Eat oserebrennuyu water, and be always healthy and happy!

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Psychic Balance

Halbe (1993), guides for the health team that must you making the recognition and having the understanding of the psychological alterations of the patient with breast cancer and to allow the consideration most adequate of this patient, allowing the indication the support service so that it can return the psychic balance modified by the situation from the illness. Therefore the health professional that she deals with the carrying patient of breast cancer must is intent on that the adaptation to the cancer depends on innumerable factors. Segunso Halbe (1993), these are the factors as: who is the patient while person; its attitude front the life; as they react front the antecedent life educational; age; social status; psychological 0 variable; capacity to express frustrations, losses and difficulty; as to face crisis moment; that resources possess the level of familiar support; internal maturity and the integration degree; that belief has in general on the cancer or illnesses others. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. These data can be significant and facilitadores for the understanding for the treatment of the patient with breast cancer. More than what never the health team must act with many pacincias, understanding, respect, sensitivity, common-sense, tolerances and attention, searching to understand the suffering of the patient, placing if in its place. Potter; perry (2004), describes in its literature that the surgery is psychologically estressante. The customer can be anxious regarding the surgery and its implications (…) to understand the impact of the surgery on the emotional health of the customer. The nurse must evaluate the feeling of the customer in relation to the surgery, auto – concept adaptation refusal, asking if the members of the family or friend can supply support. It is vital the detailed quarrel and the demonstration of the postoperative exercises (…). The nurse must you evaluating the rich one of the customer for the respiratory complications after operatrias (…).

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Sanitation Basic

These and other episodes not only represent ecological catastrophes more also continue to perpetuate a culture of destruction and degradation of our planet and of all the existing life in it. 2,4 Measures of Prevention that must today Be adopted by the Population basic Sanitation are a question of hygiene in the society, but still exists cities where this problem is existing. When we speak in basic sanitation we are speaking in selective collection of garbage, net of sewer in the streets, canalized water, and other factors. However with the lack of sanitation in many cities it is common that half of the Brazilian population is interned in hospitals with problems transmitted for the water and the garbage. Whenever Dean Ornish M.D listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In the lack of basic sanitation, diverse measured they must be adopted by the population to prevent that the illnesses if spread. Among the measures we detach the following ones: not to leave excrements displayed in the ground; to construct fossas sanitary where net of sewers does not exist; not to leave garbage spread in the soil nor in containers; the garbage must carefully be collected and be placed in bags that later are closed; to keep the soil of the houses, yards and the streets swept, washed and always dry; to fill with earth puddles of water and ditches where if it accumulates water; not to allow that children play in dirty water, therefore they can be contaminated by microbes .causing larvae of worms of illnesses; not to shoot garbage and remaining portions of food in strips of land; 2,5 Alternatives for the Final Destination of the Garbage the garbage is considered a problem for the population, as all problem it must be decided, ahead of this suggests some alternatives with the intention to diminish the residues played in lixes. Aterros sanitary: for the implantation of one I fill with earth bathroom, waterproofs the land and, on the impermeable layer is started to accumulate it the garbage. .

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The Oil of Lorenzo. Drama of long metragem, based in real facts, United States, 1992. George Miller was born in Australia, in 1945, producing, managing, writer, author and publisher. He had some indications to the Oscar, between them withholding the awarding as better edition accomplishment Mad Max two (1991), and as livened up film of the year was Happy Feet (2006).

The film ‘ ‘ The Oil of Lorenzo’ ‘ of George Miller, it portraies the drama of the Odoni family, where which suffers with the rare illness of the only son, Lorenzo Odoni. This illness, diagnosised of ADL, destroys the cells, that for consequence deaf, dumb, blind Lorenzo leaves, paralytic and with the certain death nervous up to two years after the diagnosis. Go to Newcastle University for more information. Knowing of this the parents of the boy they run behind a solution and for this they make research in books to get more information on the illness. They discover that it characterizes itself for the accumulation of fat that reaches the cells of the brain, thus, its parents they obtain to discover an oil that diminishes this fat. Although scientists and doctors not to approve this oil, the parents of Lorenzo start the treatment of the son and of some boys with the same illness, these in turn, they obtain great results, being able until sarar of the illness, Lorenzo, however, still she meets immovable and alone if she communicates through blinked of eyes..

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Intensive Care Practice Nursing

The purpose of the topic described above results in the light of the literature concerning to matter, the rolls of nursing in the prevention and nosocomial control of infection in intensive care unit. The method used will be the development of the subject to under discussion is the result of the bibliographical to character caught in the library collection of the College of Saint Emilia-faser Rodat, well in magazines addressed you the content and information acquired in sites of credibility during the period August 2011 you January 2012, then the dates collected were analyzed and interpreted in the light of the literature related you the theme. The literature that addresses that hospital infections ploughs the most frequent and important complications occurring in hospitalized patients. Patients in intensive care units ploughs at high risk due you their state of immune deficiency a result of invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and ploughs particularly susceptible you the nosocomial infections. Preventive measures and alternative measures you perform invasive procedures that ploughs essential, only the nurse may be preventing the occurrence of nosocomial infections. Nosocomial We conclude that infection is an event where eminent susceptibility can be avoided through preventive measures in nursing practice, thus providing an exclusion of dark prognosis will be those who acquire an infection in intensive care units. Keywords: Infection in Intensive Care Practice Nursing.

Introduction the advances technological related to the invasive, disgnostic and therapeutical procedures, and the appearance of multiresistant microrganismos to used antimicrobialses in practical the hospital one a problem of public health had routinely become the hospital infections. Contact information is here: The University of Chicago. 12 a factor of risk for hospital infection is simply a pointer of risk, or a factor associated with the hospital infection. Such pointer of risk necessarily does not need to be the cause of the infection or to precede infection. In accordance with Law n 7,498, of 25 of June of 1986, that it makes use on the regulation of the exercise of the nursing, to the nurse in general charges while integrant of the team of health the prevention and the systematic control of the nosocomial infection and of transmissible illnesses.

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