Family Educator

The Family Educator works with the family in its own territory, in this vital area of coexistence. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. spoke with conviction. It is the educator who goes to meet his family, what we call home visit. Is this a space (the home) and time (first visit) during which the organization works collective of common life and cognitive stimulation in all areas of learning through experimentation forms of relationship that usually do not occur. The support for the development of daily activities is intended to enable parents to do it themselves, and thereby assume and understand that they must accompany their children during their learning. The activities developed are (Bosch, JM and Sanchis, M., 1999) – The relationship with the community: The relationships and activities are developed in contexts that are standard for a purpose and a means at the same time. It is a purpose for learning potential and are a means for performing the function of mirror between what has been achieved and what needed to be achieved. The relationship with standard frameworks is essential, because we know that new learning entail difficulties, doubts and, very often failures because they involve learning difficulties, doubts and, very often failures because they are very tender structures that need to be strengthened with repeated experiences of success.

Educator in this space has a important role, because it performs the function of supporting new learning these different contexts of speech make up a large number of functions (developed the Educator, and preferably have a preventive character) as follows (Bosch, JM and Sanchis, M. , 1999) – Being foothold in the accompaniment of the process of awareness of the situation itself (self) persons engaged in the family. – Promoting the emotional bonds that encourage changes in the family, through a sincere and honest. – Make an emotional accompaniment of the person, respecting their own experiences. – Enabling the creation of development zones that are close and that create new spaces for learning, ie to provide tools to the family so they can make the right decisions in situations involving a risk slightly higher than at present. – Provide guidelines and educational skills in order to improve relationships between family members and environment. – Encourage the capabilities and resources of each person and family groups, in order to increase their individual and collective self-esteem, and thus help them better integrate into their social environment.

French and Foreigners

I speak my language, that is to say that of my mother, in her I am located and identified, I saw, I love and suffering “(2). Without denying the importance of the foreign population in the entire French population as actors in society, we do can not ignore the difficulties foreigners face the French administrative system. Studies by UNESCO in 1993 (3) on the topic of “immigration” noted that immigrants from Arab and Muslim are more marginalized than nationals in all sectors including the control measures adopted by the French Government concerning, for example, residence permits and regulation of nationality. Thus, no administrative structure has supported the issue of “integration” before 1966 when the government established the Directorate of Population and Migration at the Ministry of Social Affairs. It is clear that immigration and its problems have been misunderstood, and therefore poorly addressed during the long transition period (1945-1985). The problem of integration is now, after September 11 the point of conflict between a secular system and representations negative that the French vis-a-vis the Muslims and a current challenge of France. Accused of having both a job and be unemployed.

Immigrants from Arab-Muslim, seen as terrorists live in a hard, commitment to integration and rejection mixed with political speeches “racist” against a considerable migration realities and can quote the statement of Lepine ” I like the Algerians but at home. ” Regarding youth, the statistics from the National Center of French education in 2001 (4) found that immigrants were leaving the school system, aged 16-25 years are unemployed and unskilled, we are afraid to exclusion of this young population. After the banning of “Elhijab in France, secularism has become a pretext is not ideological in the strict sense of the word that translates into tolerance and freedom religious, a French Islam, imposed by the political system, combined with a strategy of inclusion of cultural values in an administration veiled by conflicting pressures. The decree, which has caused much ink, resulting in the abandonment of the majority of Muslim girls (70% of girls were excluded). Finally, another is to become a utopia and we can no longer ignore the need for a change of world view such a representation can be no reconciliation or conflict between cultures. Only the power of language allows the intermingling of cultures and respect for the values of others. The language is primarily a means of knowledge of each other and not an obstacle to the rights of each recommendation. “To rub and grind his brain against that of others and the asperities are dwindling.” (

Excel Link

This only confuses. It is preferable that the links in your site are underlined, and preferably with blue (# 0000FF) When you link to an HTML document that is not, as a Word document, PDF or Excel, enter it with a small icon next to the link. Never link to a page under construction. This also undermines the credibility and professionalism to your business. Make sure you do not link to pages that do not exist or are poorly written. One of the best programs that check for broken links is Xena, you can download for free by pressing the following link Download Xenu Link Checker If you use links from images, be sure to use the ALT attribute, which describes what you are linking to.

Using graphics Optimize your images and try to use the extensions. Gif and. Jpg. Make them as small as possible (light to delay the download does not download the entire page) while maintaining its quality. One of the best programs to do this and to compress many images at a time is Easy Thumbnails If you need an image large enough, use small images (thumbnails) that when you press on it to open the large image. With the program described above can achieve this easily by creating two images of different sizes.

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Delivery to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg shipping! As the only online provider of printed matter in Germany,, a free shipping offers all customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Ensures transparent price structures without complicated delivery surcharges and hidden costs, as we unfortunately know it by some competitors in the industry. Online shopping requires much confidence sure right on the right mark! With an increasing number of providers on the Internet, which should have the customer at first glance to the online shop, gaining in importance. Martin Betz, technical director of says: \”through certification with the quality seal of the EHI retail Institute we could even more customer-friendly shape our online-shop and make recognizable at first glance is a reputable and trusted provider. This is especially important to us, because extensive printed material a sale price of several thousand euros can have and thus if a payment is made in advance great confidence of our customers is a prerequisite.\” German E-Commerce seal of approval for legitimate online shops!.

German Support

IT service management software with format is a solution that has prevailed in the early 2000s in IT service management, Bomgar. The software solution was developed by the same company is considered very safe way in remote support management. The company was founded in 2003 and carries the name of its owner, the developer’s Joel Bomgar, meanwhile (2012) the software is one of the world’s leading IT service management solutions. Use of the Bomgar solutions In the German-speaking countries is the remote support software by partners sold and serviced, bring with itself many years of experience in the IT service management. In addition to the distribution of the tools is also customizing at the customer as well as the subsequent support including staff training. In the area of enterprise remote support software is regarded as virtually unbeatable, the security level is extremely high, there are out-of-the-box – interfaces, which establishes the connection to traditional IT service management tools. One of the prominent features of the Software is its multi-platform ability, which gives administrators of any system of remote access to computers as well as on mobile devices. The safety requirements to ensure level 2 certification, as well as the extensive product penetration test the Bomgar solution by the FIPS 140-2 the Symantec performs.

Technicians and supporters are able to provide timely, effective customer support by professional remote management using a Bomgar solution. Here, the support staff with the customers via outbound connection are connected to the appliance. These documented auditfahig all changes and activity support. The document can be hung then as needed on a ticket of change or an incident ticket, often it is provided the customers via self service page. Additional optimization according to ITIL is a process optimization as well as an improved service possible for ITSM solutions the out-of-the-box integration for BMC ARS remedy, HP Service Manager,. ServiceNow and Hornbill can be used.

The start of open tickets is supported as well as a troubleshooting incidents, the found solution implements the software automatically in the Incidentticket, where she can be obtained in the future. Thus, the solution times of the incidents be considerably accelerated. Is also possible to operate as a standalone solution, this is also preferred in smaller architectures. The functioning of Bomgar first enables the secure remote control of servers, PCs, and mobile devices. This is done through enterprise firewalls through over encrypted connections. Support staff have access to the desktop of the client, assume the devices and can operate like spot. Meanwhile, the customer can continue normal on his device. Both – supporter and customer – connect externally to the Bomgar appliance. Bomgar documented all the records and their changes, as well as the logs to third parties any data passed. For the management are the audit – and reportingfahigen documentation available, so that, for example, support activities can be traced, the use of reports in the chance or knowledge management is also possible. The most important characteristics of the Bomgar solution are summarized as follows: on-site appliance immutable data storage on the appliance direct integration with user directory 3rd party tested Symantec security assessment tested certified FIPS 140-2 level automated Auditmechanismen automatic documentation from each session storage file transfer details and chat protocol creating a Flash movie in each session the software is multi platform capable and granted access to Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Windows-based mobile devices, also on iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry. A command line access to routers, switches, and other devices is also possible. vishesh editorial

Also I Am Human

Life is not what people think. It does not depend on triumphs, the defeats, the emotions and things that happen to us. Life is somewhat less complex to explain. We simply live or not. Does do rather than say, Oh, because I have this life?, it would be much better ask Oh, because I am who I am?. We must reflect more the fact of assuming that nothing of what happens to us depends on life itself, but rather from ourselves. An I is with I generalized, and sorry for the barbarism. But blame to life, it is only an excuse which does not help to solve the problems really, much less, to confront us with our defects and errors.

If we take as shows a group of a thousand people, we would note that there are some to which is going better than others, and so, does not depend on actual life, because if we start to see well, all these people have a constant, and is that they are alive. The difference this, where some have more problems than others and that rather, has to do with their human condition and staff, as I mentioned before. Some peguntarian then. That happens with those patients, limited and poor born? Well, I would say that there have always been who was born in better or worse conditions, and that with the passage of time, somehow improved or they worsened their things, but his condition of life was not what change, since better or worst, remained alive. Why I can appreciate who made blame all their ills to life. And I quote as an example, because once in my youth and for you to see how wrong I was, I dared to write the following: life is an I host of things, some that I get excited and others that give me hurry, enough dilemma that will not let me contemplate it deeply but rather in a diffuse field takes me by unexplained roads which of my own existence, your my life, you did. That will do me to help me in this sort of life, I will do to love you, if rather is has made me so raw this luck to allow let you see how you are really life, thus, cold, rough and empty and only a few rarely I can Jig in you for everything that my heart sprouts, to make which of any way you look different life.

Home Services In Cologne

Which craftsmen are searched frequently? Who deletes my apartment? 100 sqm wall area, color will be. Until the 5th of may in Cologne.” “Or: who performs my move?” So or something like it looks, the Cologne request after a craftsman on MyHammer. Right now in the spring, it’s fun to embellish your own four walls. For those who don’t feel free to create paint, this means to hire a master painter. Find a handyman in the Internet, which is according to the study “Craft auctions on the Internet” by Michael Gapes, Humboldt University of Berlin, to the trend. More and more people are looking for hard-working helpers in the World Wide Web. Under most conditions The Blackstone Group would agree. MyHammer as biggest provider is popular also with the Cologne and is commonly used. Over 5,000 Cologne tradesmen and service providers are looking for interesting jobs on the portal and 20,000 Cologne contracting authority find support for their projects.

As a craftsman from the close quickly and easily can be found for technical problems! In the “” “Comparison of different categories reflected the preferences of the Cathedral City residents: while painters, painters” and removals and transports “are the most popular categories and include almost as many orders, followed in third place by garden and landscaping”. The requests for supply and installation of rolling lawns, as well as the construction of fences are popular in this season. Check with Rusty Holzer to learn more. “” Slightly further back in the popularity scale: carpenters, wood, carpenters ‘and EDP, telecommunications”. With the fifth place in the popularity test cuts EDP, telecommunications”as largest Cologne from services category. Because you can find easily and quickly on MyHammer not only the craftsmen, but also the service providers. Search the Web for craftsmen? Easy and quick to.

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Mousse

It comes in six colors. (Not to be confused with Rusty Holzer!). It has an SPF of 8. * Mousse Foundation Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse is my favorite time of foundation. It gives great coverage, but you feel as if I have nothing. It is lighweight and easy to apply. I think it is best applied with fingers. If your skin a little on the dry side apply a moisturizer and then the mousse and say a light weight. Lasts all day and have never had a break out with this product.

It was billed as a revolutionary whipped formula that describes its texture perfetly. Available in 10 shades. * Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Mousse is easy to apply and never looks pasty or thick. Good coverage of such a pure foundation. Excellent for dry skin. If you have oily or dry skin you may find fat per half day. I must say the smell can be a bit rough. If your at all sensative to smells they smell before you buy.

Dermatologist, clinically, allergy tested. Recommended for all skin types, except extra-greasy. * Erno Laszlo Absolute Finish Finishing Mousse Foundation is the free water, air, mounted a perfect hedge. It's good for almost all skin types except very oily skin and those with a sensitivity to salicylic acid. Very lightweight and coverage can be pure to complete. Stay all day. It is an outdoor water whipped. Emu oil contains essential fatty acids and for the hydration of fat. The antioxidants vitamin A, C and E for defense against free radicals. It has UVA and UVB protection, and has been dermatologically tested. Would not life be grand if one product worked for us all. However, this is not the case, so although I try and review products that I can not say how they will work on your skin. Most prestige cosmetic companies refund or exchange a product if you are unhappy with it. When you find a product that works for you stick with it. Recordarsu of form that includes all of her hair for the Polished toes, from hat to shoes, your earrings to the rings on their fingers. So be sure to let the world know who you are and make your fashion statement! Sher Matsen Estate Jewelry International have been serving customers for over 20 years, providing affordable jewelry goods, and a wealth of information on jewelry, fashion, designers, and beauty with the staff of industry professionals. Please visit

Luxury Bar

These days, a bar – it is a thing of prime necessity, not a luxury. Bar counter demonstrate that its owners can not only work well, but a good rest, it is able to decorate any kitchen or living room. Bar counter in the interior will add an element of lightness and fun, and hence makes the situation in the room much more interesting. In turn, bars, intended for public places, are becoming increasingly popular not only in Europe but here in Russia. Without breakfast bar is impossible today to imagine any kind was a nightclub.

Stand for the bar – this is where it all begins the fun, then you can not just drink cocktail party, but to make new acquaintances. See more detailed opinions by reading what Rusty Holzer offers on the topic.. Already today a number of designs bar racks for clubs and cafes reached an incredible level. You can buy the bar entirely made of any material from a futuristic plastic and plexiglass to the usual wood, not to mention the colors and shapes. Naturally, we should not forget that the bar is easy to use as a small kiosk that is located on the street or in the supermarket. Original design able to turn the bar into an important and interesting object of the city. We must not forget that when planning a bar counter design creativity is not limited to absolutely nothing, it turns out, if you sell wine or beer, you can order the bar in the style of wooden barrels, or implement a rack in the form of some of your products. Interesting and stylish bar will increase the profit on sales, as should attract new customers to your product. Production of the bar counter is no longer an industrial monotonous, nowadays designers can design for you an unusual bar counter, which will be emphasize the favorable side of your product and highlight your company policies. If you position yourself as a producer of entertainment products, choose a bright fun bar counter, but if you are a solid organization dedicated to the banking system or, say, the insurance, you will probably fit a bar a classic look in severe tones. Be that as it may, the number of projects bar counters in our time is so great that you probably will pick something to taste.

Senior Mobile Phone

A senior cell phone can make everyday life not only simple, but also much safer. The mobile phone is a now indispensable means of communication for most people of today’s generation. Technically, often highly savvy, it is easy for young people, one also on the constant innovations in this sector and to change. Unjustly considered was the older generation this often. Not up to the ravages of time, it often remained at the traditional landline.

Target group it was long do not consider the hair party. But this has changed now. More and more senior citizens want to participate in the benefits of mobile phones. Not communication but security is however in the foreground. The market has reacted accordingly, and offered special senior mobile phones for quite some time. The focus of these handsets is security and ease of use.

The big easy is a good example for a senior Mobile 2. senior cell phones can be recognized on characteristics. Depending on the health condition of the customer, can different models be selected. First ease of use in the foreground is available on most models. Handy, with a large display and clear buttons provided, they are ideal for people with mild visual or motor weakness. Because most, want to put seniors and their families also on security and availability, they choose a phone with additional emergency button. Many senior phones the emergency button located at the side or at the back of the device. Is the button used, the unit selects mostly five stored numbers one after the other that until someone can be achieved. All accepted discussions are provided then on hands-free operation. Other providers rely on the so-called panic button. People in distress or stress, when pressing the button be immediately connected to the local emergency Center. Almost all senior cell phones are also equipped with the GPS system. Can at the abandoned emergency verbally unresponsive are as a location of the cell phone user is via Satellite. Heart Specialist contributes greatly to this topic. Demographic change provides our company with immense tasks. Some will be difficult to implement, other problems however are quite little things, like the senior mobile, to solve. Mobile with a seniors can it be safer older.