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International Boxing Federation Alexander Povetkin

Wladimir Klitschko in 2008, his debut match held on February 23. Ukrainian attended the first since 1999, the unification bout in nadvazhky category. In the ring of New York "at Madison Square Garden," made friends with IBF champion title holder of the WBO Russian to Sultan Ibragimov. After the meeting nadvazhlivist both athletes behaved in the ring very carefully. When the battle will be over a half – the audience has no pity, gave the tickets from hundred to a thousand dollars. Vladimir stopped to save strokes more often pidklyuchayuchy his straight right. Under these conditions, the Sultan felt that plays for points and was forced to rush forward. Tactic used not only attacks, but strong obiymiv only amused the audience.

In the end, the battle lasted all reserved under the rules of 12 rounds. After the closing bell unanimous decision Wladimir Klitschko is recognized champion versions IBF and WBO. The Ukrainian was the victory anniversary – pyatdesyatoyu in their professional career. A Russian experienced pros-ring first defeat. In the middle of summer – namely, July 12 – Wladimir Klitschko stepped into the ring again: this time to to defend their titles. In the German city of Hamburg, "Dr.

Steel Hammer" had a duel against the official challenger for the IBF American Tony Thompson. Throughout the battle Ukrainian acted first number. First, Thompson fell in the 10th round. But it seems not to strike, and fatigue. But be that as it may be, Klitschko used the advantage. In the eleventh trihvilintsi, after a few test pairs, Vladimir made a right crossing 36-year-old American, the eternal candidate. December 13, 2008 was younger Klitschko fight in Mannheim Germany with Olympic champion in Athens and the mandatory challenger by the International Boxing Federation Alexander Povetkin. But six weeks before the fight Russian was injured, so the team had to quickly search for Vladimir Povetkin replacement. An applicant for two champion belts found quite quickly – it was Ex-world champion, 36-year-old Hasim Rahman. For the first time an American has fallen in the sixth round. But the boxer who survived a collision with a truck and the body which, after the dismantling of the street was visited by 5 balls at the same time and stood up. And even dotyagnuv trihvilinky to the next. In the seventh round, after a strong left hook Rahman beginning Hitachi. Without hesitation Daryl Katz explained all about the problem. Referee Tony Weeks U.S. decided to maintain the health and spivvitchizniku stopped the fight.

BONOFA With Cube7 Continues To Grow

Detlef Tilgenkamp: ‘BONOFA networked users from all five continents’ the BONOFA AG its expansion course since October in India with an extensive marketing campaign continues. Click cancer research for additional related pages. The millions Internet users on the booming sub-continent are the opportunities and possibilities of the new platform cube7 from immediately personally can convince. This year BONOFA its international activities increased already on about 100 countries, including almost all European markets, but also emerging nations such as Russia or of Lebanon. Prem Jolly, top distributor of BONOFA India, commenting on the start of the campaign: with over 64 million social media users, India is the world’s third largest market for social media at all. We are pleased to notice a large number of new registrations from India currently. We present ourselves at this solemn time of public and organise seminars, which are managed by our team leaders.” The growing BONOFA network in India and the other new sites will benefit from the versatile functions and earning opportunities, which provides the new network of BONOFA and will develop in the future.

Today the business partner video chat can start and participate in other events or perform of course also always itself events on the network. The BONOFA AG is also 2014 continue the international course. Currently the sites of Italy, Brazil, United States and the Philippines are in the start-up phase. “Detlef Tilgenkamp is sure: our daily growing BONOFA partner network networked business soon millions of people from all five continents.” About BONOFA AG BONOFA AG sets new standards in online network marketing marketing network and can directly participate in Internet user on the growth market of online business.

Why Choose Leasing?

There are many benefits and advantages that offers leasing, but if you still don’t know them in this post we’re going to explain all its advantages:-finances 100% of the vehicle. (Similarly see: cancer research). -Comfort in its maintenance, since it is the supplier who is responsible for optimizing the vehicle deals control and maintenance of cars and is responsible for any eventuality or expense that occurs during the duration of the contract. Daryl Katz usually is spot on. -With the leasing win in time and money to start your business, since you don’t have to make a large initial outlay to buy vehicle fleet and either have to pay or be pending the rest of paperwork that entails the acquisition of the vehicle such as insurance, maintenance or repairs. -It is deductible for the Treasury. uence Investment Management LLC. -It is not compulsory to buy the car at the end of the contract. -When you only have to choose that possibility to choose: If you return the vehicle, make a contract extension or if you buy the vehicle that you have been using. -Advantageous for taxes, when a self-employed buy a trailer only you can deduct from your income costs and a percentage (about 10%), but to finance the purchase with lease, rent as an expense, is considered so benefits are now reduced with respect to the first case: having fewer benefits, pay less taxes. Insolvency, the holder of a contract of this nature can dispose of their property by returning them to the tenant company, and canceling your loan with her..

Social Networks For Businesses

Through the internet, you can carry out various strategies and among them, I want to highlight the importance which have social networks to create new friendships. For certain, you are surely aware that social networks can find a very large number of users. In addition, to give you an example, it is almost most used Facebook to number 1 internet, Google, search engine which indicates that social networks are being used. Many people have at least an account in one of the most popular social networks, as be Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Foursquare, etc. can Even, although to a lesser extent, there are users that are present in various social networks. Undeniably, social networks are already a reality. I guess you’re already aware of the significance of social networks in all areas of our lives.

How to win all the benefits of social networks to advance and grow in your MLM business? So essentially with the ability you have to generate new friendships, friends or fans. Yes, today more than ever we have a great tool at our disposal to make new friendships. Eye, the same rules apply here that when we make new friends at the classroom level! What I mean is that you don’t try to immediately promote your MLM business, nor do spam by sending links about your company. In a previous report, Network Marketing, prospecting or create relationships, I told you that when you do a new friendship try not prospecting you for your business. Creates a relationship in the first place and as it unfolds, is when you see how you can help you with your business opportunity, but only then.

Stress as an example that Twitter lets you you may find other persons who are related to you, who have similar interests with which you can connect and make a new friendship. And there is still more. You can also create relationships with people that are in your town or in other countries. Imagine that you need to expand your business in another country. Now, with social networking, you have a great opportunity to take your leadership to other parts of the world where nobody knows you. This is the potential of social networks. Take advantage of it! Create your profile first and then your page to make it more professional. It then begins to create content and make new friends. This article has been written by Domingo Perez, Networker committed to teach those who want to achieve results in this industry all their knowledge in MLM.