EnEV Just Reduce The Roof

The stricter EnEV 2009 places high demands on the building envelope. A 30 percent higher thermal insulation is intended as essential insulation of the roof of any new building more. (tdx) Target the energy saving regulation is generally the reduction of energy needs for heating and hot water throughout the building to an absolute minimum. Gradually, the regulation closer to this goal. Last October the stricter EnEV is already in force in 2009. She has aimed to reduce energy consumption by a further 30 percent compared to the previous regulation.

Concrete result increased requirements to the building envelope, and thus also on the roof. The insulation of a roof at a new building must pay 30 percent more heat protection in the future than previously without a proper insulation is not achieving this goal. Whether on -, intermediate – or under Rafter insulation, especially the quality of the material used is important. Mineral insulating materials, such as glass or rock wool, have significantly higher As plant insulation on insulation values and have proven themselves in practice. Also applies when choosing the right insulation material: the lower the thermal conductivity the higher thermal insulation. The generation 032 of ISOVER, for example, boasts a thermal conductivity only 0,32 W / mK and is thus highly insulating. Dach.de experts recommend in any case to a material combination which guarantees the roof a U-value less than 0.22 W / mK. The insulation can show their full effect, must be also the roof skin in perfect condition. John Studzinski contributes greatly to this topic.

Because as soon as moisture can penetrate, there is a risk that the insulation becomes ineffective. This also applies to connections on the wall, floor and ceiling: here should be worked using special adhesive tape and check the air-tightness of the structure. An insulation of a roof is not only in terms of the thermal insulation in the winter of particular importance: in the summer, the insulation plays an equally important role. Much about air conditioners Energy lost. Energy can be saved with proper insulation. Because the insulation protects not only cooling off, but also heat. This prevents the summer that the attic, may excessively heat up and the air conditioner can safely be dispensed with. These ensure the minimization of the cooling energy is prescribed in the new EnEV 2009, thus it meets several with roof insulation at once. An insulation of a roof is essential not only for the new building: in a historic building must be retrofitted. By the end of 2011, the attic must receive a thermal insulation as the topmost accessible floor. For this, special insulation boards can be placed, can reduce oil consumption per square meter by 90 percent. A roof insulation effectively helps to save energy, thus to sustainably reduce the CO2 emissions and the environment protected. The own purse and the living environment benefit also, in short: the quality of life under the roof rises. Free Information brochure offers an information brochure for builders and renovators “Everything around the roof” dach.de on the subject. The brochure can be requested free of charge at email: or fax 0821-567-62-87. More information can be found on the Internet at. Tanja EST