Kastelruther Spatzen – Still… Like On The First Day

“Still… like on the first day”, that sounds like sincere Declaration of love and a personal review. And exactly Kastelruther Spatzen have mean also that, as they have opted for this album title. Take nothing for granted, take every day as a new opportunity and motivated until the end of life and full actions do joy, that 2010 is the motto with the Kastelruther Spatzen, deliver another musical milestone of their band history with the current album. Learn more about this with site. The sparrows summarize their previous life path, the current status quo on “still… like on the first day” and look with their songs full of positive expectations in the future, without forgetting, that is our of all fate in God’s hands. The Kastelruther Spatzen are undisputedly the most successful folk music group of these days, that may call their own incredible 13 echoes and numerous platinum and gold awards.

The recipe for success of the Kastelruther Spatzen lies in its 25-year history in the straightness of her being. The Group has never Bend allow. Basic values such as faith, simple, natural life and the love of their homeland South Tyrol play an important role. Another outstanding aspect of the success is the close cohesion in the Group and last but not least the right to convey content, often directly from the daily life of the people coming and so very directly to the emotions of their many fans in the songs. “Still”, the first single from the new album and where we have just thinking about the Sparrow’s recipe for success is this song really offers everything that makes a big hit of sparrows. The song beautifully summarizes the motto “Give a special every moment and fight the routine everyday life” in a gentle love confession. Lines such as “still I love you like on the first day. I’m still… Source: Koch universal / MySchlager > other artists- and CD info in our Portal Web link: folk music/kastelruther sparrows always nor as the first tag.