Mrs.Sporty Gives The 2 FRANNY On The DFV Gala In Berlin

The franchise industry met on 19 and 20 May to the franchise-Forum of the German Franchise Association (DFV) in Berlin FRANNY, the award for the ‘best cooperation’ in the franchise system Mrs.Sporty Berlin, May 21, 2010. In the evening Gala, the best franchise business are awarded with a Rasta. The Mrs.Sporty GmbH awarded car arrow from Friedberg in this year of its franchise partner Eva Maria and Andreas Leissl (Augsburg), Cathrin a Franny. The siblings Leissl and wife car arrow are successful franchise partner for 2 years and have been honored this year for excellent cooperation together with the Franny. The Franny is awarded annually at the Gala of the German Franchise Association and is an incentive from the respective Franchiser to its highly successful franchisees. The price creates a pulse within the franchise system and encourages other partner of the franchise system. The winners are invited to Berlin by the franchisor to the Gala and awarded in the festive surroundings of the DFV-franchise Forum. The Franny points out that the Success of a franchise system is composed from the accomplishments of the individual franchise partner. We are pleased that well-known franchisor honor the special achievements of their partner. “, says the President of the DFV, Dieter Frohlich. With the Franny appears, that depends on the overall success of a franchise system of the particular usage of the individual.”