Homework. This important! Despite what professional photographer may prove and good stylist you worth independently consider their images. (Not to be confused with Cleveland Clinic!). Remember that photomodel – is primarily individuality so look for your image, but do not copy the already publicized appearance. Maybe someone goes Hollywood smile, but sometimes too white teeth look so unnatural, that spoil all impression of the model. Choose the 4.3 image. For the first photo shoot will be sufficient. Prepare the costumes and makeup to the right moment everything was at hand. Meet with the photographer.

If you are a beginner model, the approach to the choice of photographer's discretion. Gather information, see the wizard. Even if a beginner photographer, then he should still be working, he can show you. For your own safety, ask your photographer first meet with you in a neutral territory, and only then go into the studio. A professional photographer is likely to run towards you. Be bold, but not dissolved. If courage is taking the city, promiscuity of their loses.

Behave naturally, be myself, play, but do not overact. For the model it is important to learn the art of reincarnation, while remaining within the proposed suit. Even if you have not turned out to the first time – to work on them. And then your portfolio will be an excellent Centerfolds.